Sunday, 27 March 2016

Home Grown Parsnips

With Thanks to my brother I received last Sunday a whole load of parsnips which he had grown to put down in the freezer to take us through the summer months and into the autumn.

So one night during the week I sat on my Nan's stool with my bag of parsnips to the side and a couple of processing bowls in front of me.  One for the peel and one for the parsnips (with salted water in) and I knuckled down and processed the lot.  I now have some 30 bags of about 4 pieces per bags of parsnips resting in the freezer and as I was preparing them they smelt wonderful.  I have also done some bags of chunked parsnip for popping into a casserole or a stew. 

So thank you my lovely brother I have put these to good use and they will not be wasted as we love roast parsnip with our Sunday lunch along with home made roasties.  This should take us through to autumn nicely.

If I can get the garden sorted I will look forward to growing my own as well.

So thanks little brother.  My hands are now stained bright yellow with processing.  Its three days since I dealt with the parsnips and I am still suffering from
om parsnip hands!  Hey ho I think these are going to be delicious and all ready and prepped for Easter lunch. All  have to do is take them out the freezer.  That's the sort of cooking I like.  I bet they will be delicious.

Catch you later.



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