Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Le Parfait Familia Wiss Canning Jars for Meat and Fish

The French use them for home preserved foods so I they are good enough for the French who really do love their food why are we not making more of them?  Just doing a few jars here and there when there is an offer on to be had all helps in keeping our families stocked with food at home cheaply and safely. 

I am specifically speaking about Canning foods under pressure  (I hasten to add not by hot water bathing/processing or indeed a pressure cooker both of which are available in this country).  There is a very big difference but more specifically a proper canning processor.  Cooking under high pressure makes foods such as meat and vegetables which are low in vitamin c safe to consume as the canners work on altitude so it is a case of adjusting to the atmospheric pressure for the area where you live.  The idea being that  no nasties can get in and no illness as a result.  Now I do not have a canner yet and this is only my opinion from what I have read  and from my estimation of these jars would seem ideal.

They are quite capacious larger than the Kilner jar and straight sided.  I came across some in one of my favourite haunts just recently i.e. TK Max and I am stockpiling for when I do eventually get my proper canning machine. One day - I have promised myself. So far I have 5 of these jars bought for £3.99 each and you can get replacement seals.  These jars have an outer brass lid and the seal like the Kilner jar seal fits underneath.  I am quite taken with them. 1litre, 750g and 200ml.  The sizing is really generous.

So I shall go on collecting them where I can and stockpiling.  I do not intend to be too long before I acquire a canner.

This is not an advertisement just my own subjective point of view.  I like the look of these jars even though I have not used them yet.

Out of curiosity have any of you used these jars yet.  If so how did you get on with them.

Catch you soon.



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