Saturday, 19 March 2016

Starting to sort things and Memories of Great Aunty Ivy

Today has been spent in trying to sort the front room out a little bit and to find certain bits and bobs I have been looking for, for quite some time.  Mostly to do with paperwork.I have not found it all yet but we are getting there.  I had also brought the blinds back for mum's conservatory to wash and iron them and then popped them somewhere safe and then not being able to locate them.  They are now in the washing machine whizzing around getting clean.  Just the drying and then the ironing to do and then they can be delivered back to my lovely brother for popping back up.

I have also come across Topsy.  Topsy is a negro pot doll that used to belong to my maiden Great Aunty Ivy.  Topsy's body parts need re-stringing and some of the finish has come off one of the forearms so I am going to look into see how much it will cost to restore her and depending on how much will depend when it gets done. 

My Great Aunty Ivy used to have a chest in her bedroom and all her dolls and teddies were laid out on top of that.  I was always fascinated as a child because even then the dolls etc. appeared very old to me as a small child and I am a lot older now.  My brother is not keen - that sort of thing gives him the creeps.  Topsy is now mine and I think the oldest doll I have.  I have a lot of period china dolls that I have collected over the years many of them reproductions.

Great Aunty Ivy was lovely - I thought a lot of her she was very kind.  She was riddled with arthritis from an early age and with her it attacked her spine and she had to wear a neck brace.  I only ever remember her with the neck brace and the walking stick.  She had grey hair which was more often or not braided in a plait and then twisted into a coil or done in two small separate plaits around the front of her face and then twisted up.  Its funny what you remember of people in your mind's eye - a child's view.  I was 10 years old when she passed and I remember being extremely cross that I could not go and say goodbye to her.

Great Aunty Ivy was always a beautiful needlewoman her main hobby like mine being crochet.  I have some pansy mats that she made for my grandmother and also a couple of the half waist pinnies that she used to make as Christmas presents for family members and friends every year. I am pleased that I have her plain simple needlework box that is lined with green silk which stands on quite high long slim legs.  I am slowly starting to get all my bits and bobs in there. Great Aunty Ivy always kept herself busy too and was actively involved in the Church in Lincoln. I also have both of her bibles.  One was a special edition version and beautifully bound and the other her plain everyday version.  I have a lot of the family bibles my father gave them to me for safekeeping.  Some of them were not in very good condition when they came to me but they are precious as they have been held by those that came before a tangible link and in relation to my Great Grandfather's bible he has written each child's name in the bible and date of birth and birth weight with my grandfather (Pop) being the eldest and weighing a massive 16lb.  I bet my great grandmother knew she was carrying him. I do miss those kind souls that are no longer with us and who I knew.

Family heirlooms to be passed on to my nephews in due course to be catalogued and then hopefully passed on to the next generation; that is my wish and my hope.  I don't own those items I am merely custodian and facilitator just like Great Aunty Ivy did before me.  She was the keeper of the Family History too.

Right tea break over of to do some more sorting.  Now I am going to have to work out where to put it!

Catch you later.




  1. What a lovely post:) I really enjoy hearing about family in the past. I have lots of my grandad's things and some of his mum's needlework and feel very lucky that I have it. Love fluffy

  2. Thank you fluffy. Having the things my family made or had in their lives reminds me so much of them and gives me some comfort now they are no longer with us. My brother has quite a few things too but as I am researching the family tree my Dad gave me the bibles for me to pass on to my nephews in due course. I have recently come into possession of loads of photographs and have joined Ancestry and am collating everything on there for my nephews. I remember a lot of the stories that my Grandad used to tell us when we were younger - my brother does not remember so well so its a way of making sure everything carries on relaying the stories to the boys.

    Hope you are keeping well.

    Take care.




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