Monday, 28 March 2016

Well its been quiet

....but I needed it to be as I am absolutely tired out again.  No particular reason just how the cookie crumbles sometimes. 

The gardener has come back with a quote.  I will take him up on the quote which he has given which involves two workmen and a skip.  And the rubbish is being disposed of ethically which is a good thing Probably a good couple of days work.  Days were when I would get stuck in and do it myself but unfortunately because of my back it cripples me these days - the heavy work that is.  OH cannot either his back is worse than mine.  I had him off work for 13 months about 10 years ago as he sustained a slipped disc.  So have to keep him working no matter what. 

There is a greenhouse down there somewhere.  The shed is in a state of collapse and not looking its best these days (dilapidated not fit for purpose) caved in roof - suitable perching post for the cat  - oh and last September a Fox was basking on the roof!  We get a lot of urban Foxes around this way attracted we think by the increase in people keeping chickens in their gardens.

Once done it will be a good job well sorted and then I should be able to get the garden sorted so I can have my veggie plot.  I like growing plants and picking straight from the garden; there is a lot of untapped potential there with growing your own and putting stuff up in the pantry for colder and leaner times.  When I was younger Mum and Dad always used to grow their own and then latterly Dad had his allotment; but then my grandparents did on both sides.  It was a way of life then making sure you were fed well with a minimum amount of pennies; making the most of what they had - it is what sustained them during the War years.  They were also organic before the word "organic" came into common usage.  My Granddad always grew his marrows off the compost heap and used the chicken manure to sustain the soil.  They had quite a sustainable little system in place.  My brother has his allotment and I am looking forward to getting a little veggie and fruit plot on the go.  Just wish I had my own land and house that I could do up.  Never mind we have to make the best of what we have and at least I can practice a little bit with this and that in the meantime, improving my skills and getting to grips with things.

I would also like a patio area so that I can have family and friends over for a meal/barbecue -  Oh and a garden swing now that would be good on a hot balmy day. 

We also need a couple of sheds for the bottom of the garden.  I intend to put the freezers in one and the other one can be for general gardening and OHs fishing consumables and probably a potting area for me for plants.  Once that is achieved I can then get my new fridge for the dining room and create a bit more space in there.  I am after a tall larder fridge.  Then I can get the dining room decorated.  So there is a method in the madness.

We will have to see what happens but that is the outline plan at the moment and we all know outline plans are subject to change.

I hope your Easter has been a good one.  We had lovely weather on Good Friday - yesterday we had torrential rain and howling wind and after a rainy and windy start it has turned into quite a nice evening and the sun has come out not long before its time for bed.

We did not have Easter dinner yesterday and are having it tonight instead.  We have leg of lamb studded with garlic and fresh Rosemary from my herb patch which needs sorting out a bit.  New potatoes, some shredded cabbage, broccoli carrots and peas with home made mint sauce and lashings of gravy.  I always love lamb done this way and it is particularly nice when it is cold.  If there is plenty left we may well have it as cold cuts with one of my chutneys from the pantry shelf and some home made fat chips with Cornish sea salt.  Yummy.

Catch you later.



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  1. How lovely getting the garden sorted, I am sure you will grow some lovely veggies :-)


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