Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Bit of a let down

We have been let down by the gardener.  I contacted him through a local site in Peterborough and we made arrangements for him to come around to quote for the job.  He came and saw the state of the garden and quoted quite a bit of money (to me anyway) for doing the same.  I accepted the quote by email - the only drawback was that he was just about to go on holiday to Canada and would start the job when he came back.  He was due to start the work around the 13 April; but I received a text message saying he had been let down by the chap with the skip and would come the following week.  Again I heard nothing - I assumed that he would come that was supposed to be last Friday.  After chasing and chasing he eventually indicated that unfortunately he had had a bit of a bad day and apologised for not being in touch.  I then received a message indicating that he was bogged down and that he had asked his brother to contact me.  The job was supposed to be started again tomorrow.  His brother came round and thought that what his brother had told him was not achievable within a day.  He would be in touch later on.  He has now texted to say that he cannot do it  but is looking for someone to assist with it. 

I am extremely cross as they have wasted approximately five weeks of my time and I have scrimped to save the money for the job and quite frankly cannot afford anymore.  Needless to say I am making further enquiries of my own.  I will name and shame later on as I am so very cross at the moment.  It used to be that people did not let people down like this and were reliable.  They have lost more work than they realise.

Sorry  - had to let off some steam.

What would you do in such a situation?




  1. 2 strikes and your out is my motto, put a call out on facebook for a gardener that could be reccomended, or just some one who wants a bit of work clearing for you, thats how I got help last year, agree to pay cash and negotiate a rate for hourly work, I am sure the right person will come along.

  2. My hubby's colleague has had exactly the same problems trying to get someone to sort her garden for her.

  3. How about seeing if you can find a gardener working for the council in a park etc, they don't work weekends and may be after a bit of extra cash? Like Dawn I don't mess about, rise above it and chin up..sure someone will pop up. Maria x

  4. Hi, Dawn, Scarlet and Maria.

    What made me so cross was the fact that he took the job and then strung me along and wasted valuable time. It would appear that the previous chap had severely under-quoted for the work that is involved. However I have gone back to a local site in Peterborough and put an advert up and I have had another chap come tonight which looks quite promising and I have another one booked for tomorrow evening. I shall then make my choice. The lad who came tonight looks promising but I shall see how the other person shapes up and then make a decision. He has said that he will strip the garden (which is what I want even taking the shed down which has collapsed). It would appear he knows trees as well and has said that he will try and sort out the ones I have in situ at the moment. So we will see but he made a good impression. We will see what happens tomorrow. But thank you for coming back with your thoughts. Pattypan x


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