Monday, 18 April 2016

Choosing Paint

Well I have gone and done it - chosen the paint for the kitchen and for the bathroom and bought it.  I have chosen a pale lemon for the kitchen called Beach Resort. I already have bright yellow tiles so I needed something that would tone in with what I already have in situ and something light as it is a narrow room.

And a pale aqua for the bathroom aptly named water.  Yet again I wanted something light and clean looking.

With white paintwork it should look lovely and clean when finished and should go well with the slate laminate flooring.  Now all I have got to do is to start painting.  The pale lemon goes well with the tiles already in situ and the apple green I have decided to put with it in the form of gingham curtaining goes well and looks fresh with the lemon.  That might have to wait until the end of the month until I get paid but every little bit that gets done makes it that bit further on with the project.  Now I need to source new bathroom mats, and pedestal mats, new waste bins and toilet brush holder. I also need a couple of towel rails for the backs of the doors.   I  already have some new turquoise towels (Egyptian cotton from Waitrose) but I fancy a coffee coloured set to go with them.  Yet again I say source and then when I have the pennies put to one side or saved up I can just go and get them.  Rome wasn't built in a day and I have found from past experience that getting everything at once does not always pay off.  I always like different eclectic things that blend in with each other, and sometimes getting that effect means taking your time and building things up layer by layer and actually making things yourself or restoring second hand items.  I quite like the idea of getting a chest of drawers carcass painting it up and then siting the bathroom ink in it.

The replacement knobs for the kitchen units have been ordered and paid for. They are a pale green in the shape of a pumpkin (they are called mint green but from the photo look a more appley green which would not matter one zilch.  I am hoping they will arrive soon.

I already have white ceramic knob handles for the main doors in the house.  However they are pricey.  So I have opted for some ordinary plain white handles for what I call the utility doors i.e. the pantry door and also under the stairs door.

So things are slowly moving on a bit.  When its all finished I will pop some photos up.  Promise but not until it is finished.  Might show you bits but not until it is all done.

Catch you later.



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