Saturday, 30 April 2016

Cream Crackered

We have been at the storage unit most of the day shifting items already stored into a larger room and I must say its been a revelation as some of the things I had forgotten I had.  Especially it would seem I have picked up quite a few pieces of green vintage glass which will go very well with those pieces recently acquired.  Funnily enough I had been looking at similar items on Ebay. 

We have shifted most of the stuff  just a little bit more to go and then to start on what I have in the house.  So both of us are cream crackered but it will be a job well done when it is all finished.  I have also tried to sort out different areas of the unit where specific items are stored so that when we are looking for something in the future I will have some idea of where to look.  Certainly all the Christmas decorations are being stored at the front of the unit as they are required every year as is OHs fishing equipment.  We want to try and free up as much space as we can.

It was cold in the unit as there is no heating and my hands went blue so OH took me out and we grabbed a Macdonalds and in my case a nice hot chocolate to warm my mitts up then I called at the house and got my gloves and gilet as I was freezing.  We had dinner outside as the weather has been lovely but then had a rain shower which pelted down on the roof just after we got back to the unit; but otherwise it has been a lovely day.

For this evening we have just flopped although I am going to take some of my mum's furniture and also my green glass to place in the unit tomorrow so I have to gather that together tonight in readiness for an early start.

Thank you Dawn for the award will pop it up tomorrow but it is appreciated just a tad busy at the minute.

Quite a few things have been happening but will tell you more later.

Catch you soon.




  1. We didnt get any rain yesterday we had not a bad day weather wise and went to the beach in the afternoon :-)

    1. Welsh beaches bliss - spent many happy hours on them as a child. Hope you are keeping well.

      Pattypan xxxx

  2. You seem so busy with everything at the moment I'm enjoying reading your decorating and decluttering posts, it inspires me to get on and do something. Love fluffy

    1. I Fluffy = I am too busy as usual and trying to make room to do things that really need doing. Really need to get a wriggle on this week will see if OH will do some cooking although tonight I came home from a lovely day out and he had made a surprise chilli which was delish. In the middle of removing stuff into storage then I can really get a wriggle on with the tidying up.

      Catch you soon.




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