Thursday, 28 April 2016


Well we appear to have a garden clearer on board and he intends to start tomorrow. Yippee - a lot cheaper than the original quote and much cheaper than the lad who came yesterday but I have to keep an eye on the pennies.  Lets hope he clears up well and does a good job and leaves us with a clean canvas to start again.  Fingers crossed and toes plaited.

Today has been a strange day as I had half a day off as I had an appointment with my Physiotherapist who is helping me with exercises for my core muscles and in controlling them which should ultimately help my back.  So everything has been topsy turvy today because this afternoon I was back to work.  I have been very stiff today and as I keep joking to my work colleagues stick me on a wall and I would make a very good barometer.  When I am really stiff it is usually a good indicator that there I rain about.  Its currently raining cats and dogs.  I think the barometric pressure has something to do with it as when there is rain about my arthritis is always that much more painful.

We have had sirloin steak with chips onion rings and large field mushrooms with a side salad for tea and very tasty it was too.  The steak was lovely and tender with a lot of flavour.  Not bad for two steaks for £8 the pair and they were a reasonable size.  I always cook steak on a griddle pan as I think you get a more even result with the steak and I add a little butter to the oil to cook it with. 

We also have a busy weekend planned decluttering the house of some of my stuff and my mum's stuff and it is going into the storage unit for safekeeping. I am a clutter bug not a minimalist and from past experience when I have been persuaded to get rid of things I have needed them a few weeks later and as this house is not our forever home I am holding on to certain items that might have otherwise have gone.  Needs must when you know stuff is still going to be useful and it will also be a good time to get rid of some of those things I just do not want anymore.  Tastes change as you progress through life. 

However it would be nice to get to the bulk of my craft stuff and have space to play which is one of the aims of the operation.  I think secretly OH wants the computer room back but it was always prepared as a dual room. 

Once the back bedroom is clear I will be looking for a table on which to work but first things first we have a lot of work to do before we get to that stage.

Fortunately the storage facility is not too far away from where we live but it just means lots of shuttling backwards and forwards to get everything in situ and sorting as I go.  A lot of the stuff is in boxes and I am not sure what is what.

And then on Monday I am off to Stansted College to spend the day on one of their Open Days which for me is always a big treat; it is such a peaceful place.

My door handles have arrived to replace my kitchen unit knobs and I must say I think they look very nice. I am very pleased with them.

I have also won a bid on a tablecloth that apparently originates from World War II and was used as an occupational therapy piece. It is only part worked but I think it is lovely.  It should fit in well as I am very fond of poppies.  I have an Alfred J Meakin dinner and tea set that was a wedding present when I was married that I have been adding to and the pine dressers that I have were bought to show off said crockery and I have one or two other poppy items as well.  I especially love the ears of corn.  It is only part worked so another one for the winter months.  I think embroidery was the first craft I really loved - my mum was really good at it.  I class myself as a novice so I hope yet again I am going to be able to do justice to the piece.

Right had better get a wriggle on I need to defrost as it is absolutely freezing out.

Catch you later.




  1. I have nominated you for a Libester blog award pop over to my blog for details :-)

  2. Hi Dawn thank you very much will try and deal with tomorrow have not forgotten. Pattypanx


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