Sunday, 3 April 2016

Jacobs Ladder

This is the Jacobs Ladder joint that we bought from the Farm Shop last week.  Quite a substantial joint and I am hoping very tasty. What little fat there is on the joint and there was not much has gone lovely on the joint itself and crispy and golden.  I cooked the potatoes in with the joint right from the start and they also look good and I think will be delicious.  I have Yorkshire Pudding cooking in a separate tray and mixed veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and peas) and new potatoes.  Does not look bad does it. I am waiting on the veggies and the Yorkshire Pudding.

Its a late tea tonight as I am also deep cleaning the kitchen again which is time consuming but needs doing on a regular basis.

I have the Physiotherapist tomorrow and also the Dentist tomorrow afternoon.  I have the day off so it is going to be a busy one again.  Then once all that is done I have a visit to B & Q in order to get the new flooring for the kitchen.  OH is fitting it this week all being well.

Right better get a wriggle on.

Catch you later.




  1. What a simply delicious dinner.. I can just smell that roast Wondering what a B and Q would be??? grin.. xoxo

  2. Hi Faye

    It is going down an absolute treat. B & Q in the UK is a chain of warehouses that sell anything and everything to doing up your own home including, new kitchens, bathrooms, living gas fires, flooring, soft furnishings, paint, wallpaper etc. etc. We have had the flowing down 20 years and it has perished so its time for new. Take care. Pattypan x

  3. Your dinner looks delicious as usual. Never heard of the jacob's ladder joint before so shall keep my eyes open for it. Please take some piccies of your new flooring when it's done I love interiors. Hope all goes well at the physio today. Love Fluffy x

  4. Hi fluffy, its the thick end of the rib which is nearest I think to the actual rib joint itself. We have been going to a restaurant locally and they serve it up there but it was not called Jacobs Ladder it was referred to as "rib of beef". Its actually a lot cheaper probably better known as flat rib. I just cooked it simply as simple is often the best. However the meat had a lovely flavour in itself. There is still a load left will probably go into sarnies so as not to waste it. Thank you for your compliments with my cooking. I am not very good at arranging it on the plate though. My Nan always said that you should make best friends with your local butcher as he will often have the pick of the herd (he certainly did where she lived) and we never had a bad meal at my Nan's. Nan was one who could make a meal out of nothing.

    Hope you are keeping well and the kidlets. Take care.


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