Wednesday, 27 April 2016

My Green Glass Collection

Is slowly coming together and I have managed to pick up quite a few things for a reasonable price.  I have been lurking on Ebay a lot of late studying form and prices and learning how to be savvy with the bidding and the buying.  All a new learning curve.  I love the buzz of researching finds and the bidding process so much so I am thinking perhaps of maybe popping up a few things that I do not really want.  Just musing about this at the moment but something I am contemplating.  Saying that though I am not sure that the selling will be as satisfying as the procuring.

Here are a few items I have picked up recently.

Now this bowl I really love (the one above).  It is quite heavy and substantial and very different and attractive very arts and crafts.

The bowl below is I believe known as a handkerchief bowl.  Will look lovely on the table at Christmas with lots of sweeties in me thinks. 

I just love different.

This little flower bowl is also very attractive with a beautifully marled colouring to the glass.

I had bought a fruit bowl set and five dishes  (photo below) as I really loved the pattern on this one.  Unfortunately the large bowl became the only casualty as it had smashed within the packaging.  I will however keep my eye open for a stand alone bowl to go with these little dishes.

I have so far managed to source 9 of these lovely little dishes and one large fruit bowl.  They really are pretty.  I have another three to source of the small bowls and I would quite like another large bowl to even things out a little.

The two items below were sold as separate dishes but I believe they are part of a set as if you look closely there is a drainage hole in the bottom of the dish on top.  I believe this to be a salad draining set.  I just love the pale greens of this beautiful glassware and I count myself so lucky.

The Sundae dishes below are quite lovely and substantial what I call proper Ice Cream Sundae dishes.  I have six of these little dishes.

I have found lots of beautiful pieces in America but the charges for postage are off the beam and often cost more than the item itself.  Thus far I have not been tempted as even though the pieces are different and really lovely you have to be realistic at the end of the day.

There are further items but I thought I would share these few lovely pieces with you.  I love beautiful things and I am so lucky to have these few.  I am particularly fond of the older pieces.

Right must get on.

Catch you soon.




  1. I buy a lot of things from Ebay and always could find things I want in collectable china from US.I don't buy them because of the prohibitive postage costs.Lately I,ve become addicted to Etsy as well.

    1. Hi Rosemary

      I find auctions, jumbles, and car boots and charity shops extremely addictive. Ebay in particular as I enjoy the whole process. What sort of things do you collect - anything in particular it would be lovely to know.

      Thanks for popping by.


  2. Those are all lovely Tricia. I had a cull of some of my green glass (which was originally G's green glass), but still have the knobbly dishes like yours with the nibbled edges, and a couple of small bowls.

  3. Hi BB what I am particularly interested in with the Green glass is the firm of Bagley. Bagley was my mother's maiden name and I am wondering whether there is a link somewhere along the line. There may well be not. Funnily enough I had inherited a blue glass vase with rose on a black plinth which turns out to be Bagley from my mum and I remember it from being a small child. These are just a few of the bits I have collected just recently. I am very taken with the green though. I have a green glass oil lamp on the way as well eventually to sit on one of my dressers. I just love collecting and putting things together from bits and bobs and mixing and matching. I think that I why I love car boots so much. Trouble is I do not get to go these days as OH not keen whereas I am in my element and you never know just what you are going to find. Today I popped around to the charity shop after coming back from the hospital and came upon a Babooshka Russian Nesting doll set which beause it is Russian and is signed one of the helpers thinks I got a very good bargain for at £1.50. I also found another Victorian Photograph album to go with some I already have. I am going to need them to pop the family photos in. I also came across a trivet. Hope you are feeling much more with it and have managed to shift the cold. Take care. Pattypan x


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