Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Quick catchup

So far this week has not gone to plan at all.  Yesterday I was ill with a tummy upset which had me up and down during the night and then needing to be close to the bathroom.  Fortunately things have calmed down a bit.

Today I had booked off as the Dentist was going to do a longer appointment with a treatment assessment and then an extraction.  When I arrived he seemed a bit phased that I had not been to an assessment appointment prior to an extraction. I replied that this was how he had booked it the last time.  Then things settled down a bit.  However I have not had the extraction today.  I had to have a full mouth X-ray and this revealed that I need two extractions.  Apparently it is like spaghetti junction in my mouth below tooth level and so I have been referred yet again. (Because of the epilepsy and the fact that I will need anaesthetic they tend to let the Hospital deal with me as they are better equipped if I have a reaction under the anaesthetic - insurance companies do not like patients like me). 

I have however had a couple of deep fillings to keep me going.  I am waiting for the numbness to wear off from the injections - a bit lop sided as he has worked on both sides of the mouth.  Desperate for a cup of tea but safer until I let the numbness wear off otherwise I will be dribbling for England!

I am now waiting for another hospital appointment for two teeth to be extracted.  That's along with seeing the Rheumatologist the physiotherapist the orthotics clinic (I have to go and see them this afternoon).  I also have the back class to go back to at some point (apparently I am being referred back to it) and because of when it is I will lose 2 1/2 hours every Monday which I will have to make up.  So I am working this in advance so that I am in credit.  I also booked an evening appointment with my GP which I could not get for a fortnight i.e. 9 May 2016.  This appointment is for me feet i.e my bunions for the referral to a specialist as per the Physiotherapist's recommendation.  I am just concerned as how all of this is going to fit in.  Well at least I am being helped which is the main thing.

Right have to get on.

Catch you later.




  1. Oh golly gosh - everything needs mending at once! Sorry about the dentistry (I had a filling this week too, but survived). At least when all the other bits of you have been helped, you should feel more comfortable - especially the bunions - which I think you said made your hips/back worse? Let's hope with all these treatments happening together, you will then have a long spell of being "mended".

  2. Hi BB - I am an all or nothing kind of girl. I am either in it up to my neck or things are rattling round my ankles. Things were a bit like this a few years ago. I never have made a good patient too feisty and too independent have to do things as in the words of the song "My way". Or as my Dad used to say just plain stubborn! Hope your tooth hurty problem is fixed. hope you are a little better with the old cold than you were. Hugs. Pattypan xx


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