Saturday, 23 April 2016

Saturday Round Up

Well the Pantry door has had two coats of varnish and we like it and the rest of the doors are going to be done like it.  I referred to this in my earlier post but this is now a definite.  We just need to locate the sander and buy some sanding sheets and then he can start on doing the rest of them.  It will be a much better hard wearing finish in the long run especially with cats and dogs.  With the varnish on it will make my life easier with the cleaning as it will just need a wash and a buff up with a duster.  So things are slowly happening. 

I have been scrubbing floors and have got a bit overheated hence this extra post for tonight whilst I have a breather.  I have a hot date with the scrubbing brush a little later.

Once the garden is cleared I want to save up for a very large shed that we can put down the garden or sheds and pop the two freezers into and a load of the other stuff we are having to keep in the house so that I can free the dining room up at which point we can replace the floor and decorate the dining room out.  Once that is all done I can then get my larder fridge and it should free up a bit more space in the dining room.  The fridge can then come out of the pantry and I can get it -re-shelved out and the laminate carried through and then I should be able to keep all the food in the pantry not in tubs here or there.

Lots of plotting and planning and doing things sequentially to get them sorted properly.  The cupboard can be sorted out in the dining room as well the paint needs stripping off, new hinges and new shelving.  Work that is long overdue but you can only do what you can do.

Right am off again might surface again tomorrow at some point.

Catch you soon.



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