Sunday, 17 April 2016

Strawberries and Cream

They looked nice but I was a little cautious. We have been taken in before by lovely looking Strawberries from the supermarket only to find that they were sour and had little flavour.  These were the right price too. £1.50.  Sometimes it is difficult with OH knowing what to give him but I just fancied these and I did a bowl each with no sugar on.  They were not bad just served simply with some clotted cream ice cream.  They went down a treat.  Plus there are some left so we may well have smoothies for breakfast too.  I love fresh fruit for breakfast especially raspberries picked straight from the garden.

My gardener who is going to clear the jungle was let down by the skip people.  He was meant to have started last Thursday but has re-arrange for this Friday. 

I did not cook dinner today as OH treated me to a super duper jumbo hot dog.  I only managed to eat half of it and was stuffed.  Hence the reason for something very light for us as we just had no room for anything else.

I also have some stewing steak which is about to go into the pressure cooker with some onions and some stock and a little of this and that to make a base for a home made steak pie.  I have the lard in so will make the pastry myself; just a short crust one and that will make a meal for one night in the week.  I will have to keep it or them in the fridge though  - no room in the freezers.  We are going to have to start wading through the freezers and just buy the essential bits that I do not have in- so hopefully a reduced kitchen budget for a couple of months and an opportunity to put some other bits and bobs in stock, use up the freezer contents and then replenish again.  Trouble is once you have one you see the opportunities for many more especially if you grow your own.

I have also got a couple of chickens to cook and then use in wraps with some salad leaves and some sweet chilli sauce or salad cream for pack up during the week from one chicken and the other will also form the basis of a meal during the week as well probably do a variation of my peaches recipe.  That's as long as the weather keeps fine and is not as cold as it was yesterday.

Right now need to get ready for tomorrow.

Catch you later.



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