Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Time for some new nets and other bits and bobs

That is only for the back of the house.  The ones at the front are a thick cream Victorian Lace style panel net and I love them a lot.  However I am after something a little simpler for the back of the house.  Probably a plain voile. I will have to see what they have in store and then make my mind up.  Not sure whether to go for white this time or cream again.

The door handles all 16 of them are all ordered and sorted. I have got a good deal on them they were 79p each are a mint green pumpkin shaped handle with gold trim.  If you ordered over a certain number you got an extra 10% discount so they will cost approximately £15 - free postage too.

I have also been hanging my nose over some pink rose handles for the furniture in my bedroom.  Might have to defer on that for the time being but there is no harm in looking at the moment.  No harm in a little plotting and planning.

I have also ordered 6 fat quarters of mixed green fabrics to go with a plethora of different pink coloured fabrics I already have.  I have bought a new patchwork book which has a basic patchwork quilt in consisting of large squares which I thought might be a good one for me to start on and as I am using pinks, creams, and greens and was a little light on the greens I have bit the bullet and added to the stash.

Oh if only I had been a little earlier to the Charity shop I might have been in time for the dressing table.  It was perfect.  You know how it is you know something is perfect as soon as you see it but are unable to give a detailed description until you actually see it.  I have never had a proper dressing table of my own and as my bedroom furniture is also pine it would have matched in very well.  One day.  I already have my green glass dressing table set to sit on top.  I bought that quite a few years ago.

I am getting more and more interested in repairing and reusing older furniture - not everything just specific pieces.   I think the recycled furniture has an ambience all of its own a certain charm that no new stuff ever emits. That's another reason I need a shed so I can go and play and renovate  I have two round backed spindle dining chairs that are dropping to pieces and I quite have a fancy to gluing them back together; stripping them and sanding them down and then painting them and making cushion pads for them - more as bedroom chairs than anything else - you know the kind of chairs that come out when you have a crowd of people in the house.  At the moment I am thinking green - told you I had a green thing - but then again it could be ivory.  Will have to see.

Now I need to source my apple green gingham.  I have one source but I am not sure that they are going to have enough fabric for my requirements.  So will have to have a shufty and see what I can come up with.

Flooring is more or less done in the kitchen.  It looks smart think the bathroom and the dining room are going to be fitted out with the same flooring as well.  It looks a lot smarter.  Need the two doors for downstairs and the paint for the bathroom and the kitchen will just then need the two doors for upstairs.  That will be those done then for a little while. Need to look at the hall and see if can get someone to come and decorate - we do not have ladders and OH not too good with heights so I think it will be safer if someone else does this.  Going to have to look into this too. 

The Gardener has called off until the 22 April (next Friday) so hopefully things will start to move properly then. 

Right upwards and onwards.

Catch you soon.



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