Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Work has started on the kitchen

Work has started on the replacement kitchen laminate flooring and things were getting a bit tense in there earlier on- especially after OH had managed to cut four boards wrongly.  So I beat a hasty retreat and let things cool down a bit.  It is coming along well and looks good.  So good I think am going to get him to pop it down in the dining room and also the bathroom (which is downstairs on the end of the kitchen).  It certainly looks and feels a lot better than the old stuff. Once that is all down I can then paint out the kitchen and the bathroom and make it all nice, clean and tidy.  I have already been looking at paint and some tiles.  The slate grey is a very good contrast for my pine units. 

Originally we had a small fridge in the kitchen that OH had put under the work top.  Could he get it out  - another few choice words and a lot of hammering later and it eventually came out - in pieces.  Oh well its out.  It did not work anyway so that needs to go down to the tip together with the other rubbish that has accumulated.

As I have pine furniture in the dining room (two 6 foot Welsh Dressers, a Corner Dresser, an eight seater table with six chairs and two Carvers and a Wall Dresser shelf rack and a CD triple chest (as well as two freezers a chest one and an upright) space is at a premium. 

I think I have mentioned before that I need two sheds to house the freezers in as well as all the rest of a paraphernalia from a garden and also the house (we have no sheds, no garage and cannot get into the loft easily). 

The ultimate reason behind this being that I would quite like a tall upright larder fridge but the only way I can get this in is to get the freezers out.  That should free up some space in the long run. I need a large fridge as I cook a lot and the small one we have in the pantry is okay but does not hold what I need it to.

I also thought it would also be a good contrast to use the same flooring in the dining room and to carry the flooring through room to room without any floor strips to trip over.  The flooring in the dining room has had it but then again it has been down an awful long time.  It needs wallpapering in there. I have not seen anything that I like yet so am considering papering with Anaglypta and then painting in a warm yellow to freshen everything up.  That is the plan of course unless I happen upon a wallpaper that I like in the meantime.  So a lot to do and so little time to do it in.

But hey ho a start has been made and it will be lovely and clean.  Now I have to source some china handles for the kitchen units and also some apple green gingham for window curtains a sink and washing machine curtain, a curtain for the cubby hole under the work top and also to cover the cubby hole where the microwave and small electric rotisserie are housed.

And the Gardener starts on Wednesday morning clearing the garden.  So little steps but very slowly we are getting there.  It needs tidying up and I aim to get it all tickety boo.

Catch you all later.



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