Friday, 27 May 2016

Bank Holiday Weekend

When the children were home this weekend was always a big weekend as we always used to go down to Cornwall either with our own touring van or on the site where we nearly always stayed St Tinney Farm at Otterham, then as OH became more uncomfortable with towing the caravan we gravitated towards their own accommodation starting off with their caravan and then latterly their log cabin and country cottage accommodation. We haven't been for a good few years mainly due to OH being out of work and I do not think we will achieve a holiday this year.  However I cannot recommend this site highly enough.  It was always spotless and so peaceful and quiet about four miles from the coast in a valley where wild animals including deer often cross the land.  Did I mention that they have five fishing lakes and also their own pub called the St Tinney Arms.  Here is the website:

The last time we were meant to go was when my Dad had to have major triple bypass heart surgery and we cancelled the holiday as the operation was set for the week Dad was in Papworth and I needed to be with him.  As it turned out it was a good job I stayed as Dad was really poorly afterwards and seemed to go downhill afterwards despite the Doctors saying that the procedure was a success.  He felt very unwell afterwards and despite mentioning it to the medics and being cleared the following year he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkinson's Lymphoma level 3.  By the time he received the diagnosis there was very little that they could do for him.

St Tinney Farm is a small family run concern and it is well worth a visit - a hidden gem and the family who run it are excellent hosts where nothing is too much trouble.  If you have children - its a place for them to explore and run free and be safe (obviously with a few parameters in place). 

Anyway I digress. This is more a memory than an advert and of course it is my own subjective view.

There was always much excitement from the children as they used to love going out and being in the countryside.  We used to load everything up when towing the van and then leave about 2pm with the kids wrapped up in the back of the car and sleeping most of the time.  Breaking off at least three or four times for something to eat (especially when towing the caravan) and enjoying the journey in the process.  Then having a week or a fortnight's break.  It was one of our main holiday times -  a breaking free time if you like.

Its funny that I am relaying this to you as this is not the original post I was going to put up but the words are escaping so I feel they must have their place.  Maybe it is just the sap that is rising with me and a longing to be in beautiful surroundings not far from the sea.  Maybe next year.  Its been too long about 9 years all told but I always loved my holidays in Cornwall. 

Right I had better get a wriggle on I have to go to work but I am looking forward to the break this weekend as I am tired and ready for a rest.  Just wish I was going down to Cornwall as it really does feel like home down there and there is a lot I could keep myself occupied with.  If I ever won the Lottery I would quite like to live down there.

I had thought that we were going to sort the final bits at my mum's tomorrow but Instead we have a breakfast planned with my step-son and his fiancĂ©e at the Farm - so something to look forward to.  Right really must go.

Catch you later.



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