Saturday, 21 May 2016

Bit of a lazy day today

As I managed to fall and hurt myself last night hurting my back and hips and bruising my knees. I was carrying through our tea for last night which was Lasagna  when I tripped and dropped both plates and ended up falling on my knees.  Fortunately we had more to have but it did jar me and bruise me a bit and I have been more than a little stiff for the best part of the day.  However I have been checking some of my old magazines out so not doing literally nothing.  They are all going to be sorted in due course and popped into magazine racks and then kept in the back bedroom on some custom built shelving in due course.  I have it all sorted out in my minds eye now just have to get it to materialise.  trouble is I am finding lots of lovely projects for the future to make.  I have that large pile of UFOs to deal with first.  I already know that I want two large computer tables for crafting and as cutting and sewing table especially with me wanting to engage in patchwork and sewing a lot of household things myself. I think I will be able to source them off Ebay or the like.  I am after something a little like this:

Study Computer Desk PC Table Workstation Home Kitchen Office Furniture Maple UK

But that is for the future once the room is cleared. but there is no harm in thinking about what I would actually like it will help to manifest it.

I also thought that if we have a large wall to floor built in wardrobe in the back bedroom but kitted out with shelving rather than rails it would be an ideal place to actually store all my fabrics, wools, kits and equipment but also manage to keep it all neat and tidy instead of being box city.   Now that would be really something quite an achievement.  Lets just saying I am working on it and being seduced by lots of projects in the magazines I am looking at along the way. Not to panic no new ones until the UFOs are out of the way but there will be a pile of to do magazines in the corner.

Right had better get on.

Catch you later.



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  1. Sorry to hear that you've had a fall, hope everything heals quickly.


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