Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday another year older although I am not sure about being another year wiser!  Apparently I was born about 2.22am!

Still only feel 19 on the inside and I have come a long way since the painfully young woman I was then;  I am not sure it is all good but there you are you are what life makes you and each experience adds to your toolbox/repertoire.

I was saying to OH this is my first birthday without Mum and she always used to provide her immediate family with a home made cake.  Just something simple but it made you feel special.  That was my lovely mum to a tee. She would not want us wasting our lives though and was of the attitude that you must get on with things.  It was good to show respect and that you were missing her but not to be maudlin or over dramatic.  She just did not subscribe to that at all.

So I  am and I have got on with things.  However I have  bought myself a small trinket as a present from my mum and dad. Just a little brooch  that only cost a couple of pounds but I think they would approve. Especially as it is reminiscent of the first brooch my father bought for me when I was about ten years of age.  I know they are still close as I feel them near, not all the time as it is not healthy to hang on to them - they too have to grow and not be earth bound.  Its just you cannot reach out and give them a big cuddle.

I hope today is a good one for you too wherever you may be.

Big smile its spring, the wild flowers are out we passed loads of cowslips and bluebells and I am sure the wild violets are out too.  Spring in this country is pretty special and we are all well blessed.

Catch you soon.




  1. Happy Birthday, yes the spring flowers are out in abundance enjoy while they are here :-)

  2. Happy birthday, have a wonderful day...the brooch is a lovely idea I'm sure your parents will be pleased you have done.

  3. Happy birthday patty x x


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