Sunday, 22 May 2016

I am a bit more mobile today

.... still a tad stiff in th2e hip and lower back area but much more supple than yesterday which is a blessing as I hate being cooped up and do not make a good patient.  There is so much to do and so little time to do it.  However today is still going to be an easier day.  Sometimes you just have to listen to what your body is telling you and take heed. It was a wet horrible day here yesterday and very blustery a house day.  Whenever it is wet or humid I experience problems with the old arthritis etc. and I am sure the barometric conditions play a big part in whether or not I am good or bad.  I have said to you before that if you stick me on a wall I would make a good barometer. 

Today its warm and the sun is out and I am moving more freely thank goodness there is only so much sitting down one can do.

I have thus far been clearing out the rubbish and shredding it ready for the recycling. We tend to get a lot of flyers etc. through the letterbox.  In Peterborough the City Council have really got their act together with recycling.  We have a small compost bin, and a larger one where food waste is placed and then they generate energy from that and compost getting two products a compost and energy from the waste.  We also have large wheelie bins for general household rubbish and recycling.

I wish I had a fire as all my waste papers would go on that in the form of homemade paper bricks.  The other week I did invest in a paper brick maker not just a single one but a foursome.  I have no need for it at present but it was a good price on ebay and I had not seen a foursome one before and one never quite knows when serendipity and the universe will intervene and present me with the fireplace and home I so crave and then I will be all geared up.  I already have the fireside companion set and copper and brass scuttles, toasting forks etc. for a fire.

As my dad used to say "One day" you have to keep positive and you have to keep working towards the dream no matter the side steps (you often learn the most from the side steps).  Everything I do on a day by day basis is in practice towards that.  Yes  I am a bit of a dreamer but in order to achieve things you have to have the capacity to dream and to envisage - it helps to bring things into existence.

However one thing I do know is that you can have an idea of what you would like to do and how you are going to achieve it but real life often throws a curb ball and things don't happen how you think they should.  Its alright getting frustrated that things are not proceeding as you think they should but in reality the universe is playing a part and you quite often find out that the way things proceed is often a lot better and a lot kinder to you in the long run.  So let the ego go, tell it to butt out and trust in what will be which is not easy to do especially for those of us who have to be "in control".  We don't need to be all the time however we should never ever lose our inner trust that everything will eventually turn out fine.  There is far more to life than can be seen and so many options.

Right I had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you a little later on and hope you have a lovely day - fancy being down in Cornwall today  - one day!





  1. Forget Cornwall, we live in Devon, miles better, har, har (although the Cornwish wouldn't agree on that, I'm sure!)
    Margaret P

  2. Hi Margaret I love Devon too, but Cornwall stole my heart when I was 11. We stayed with friends in Tavistock then and we went all over Devon and Cornwall. Have had lots of good holidays in both counties. I would just say lucky you beautiful xx

  3. Oh, Tavistock is lovely. We like a trip across the moors to Tavvy and having lunch in a little place close to the pannier market - indeed, we like to browse in the pannier market. Lunch in the Bedford Hotel is also rather nice, especially if you get there early and, in winter, have a place in their bar/lounge area, which is really rather nice and cosy. We also love to visit Cotehele and Lanhydrock (both NT) in Cornwall but stayed in Mevagissy last year and wouldn't bother again - it was filled with visitors and I know times have been hard, but how much paint does it take to spruce up a shop front? They seem, down there, to take some sort of perverse delight in being one of the poorest counties, and I do know some of them are poor, but as I say, it was stuffed with visitors but the place looked so depressing and if any of the visitors are like us they certainly won't bother returning.
    Margaret P

  4. Glad you are feeling a bit better. I spent a lot of childhood holidays in Devon and that would be my choice rather than Cornwall.

    1. Hi Rowan - feeling more comfy than I was however have the physio-terrorist this afternoon and a lot of walking in between. My Great aunt used to live in Budleigh Salterton my mum and dad used to go and stay with her but the time I came along she was too elderly to have visitors to stay although she lived there for a lot of years. We spent time in both counties but I tend to know Cornwall far better or at least the North coast side far better. Perhaps all the stories we were told as children had a big influence there. xx

  5. Hi Margaret

    We like Tavistock too. The friends we stayed with emigrated to New Zealand and have eventually found themselves back in Tavistock a couple of doors up from where they used to live. Cothele was on the list to go to but have not been there yet however did love Lanyhydrock. We used to stay regularly just outside of Mevagissey on a camping site called Pengrugla. This was before the days of the Gardens of Heligan and the gardens have been created from the site where we used to stay. We usually camped and it used to be lovely and peaceful. Research was going on when we used to stay and it was not uncommon for people to be cataloguing the plants and the trees when we stayed. We like Mevagissey but have not been for the past few years. It does tend to get busy. As you say though a coat of paint never hurt anything although we have had many a happy hour fishing off the end of the pier for fresh mackeral and then having it for tea. I just love it down there. In latter years we have stayed with a family down in Otterham which is about four miles from Boscastle in a lovely little site called St Tinney Farm which has camping site, touring van site, their own cabin/cottage accommodation, some static caravan accommodation and five fishing lakes (fishing for residents only), it has its own pub the St Tinney Arms and own Restaurant. However the site is so peaceful and the family who run it the Windleys are a lovely family - although yet again we have not been as OH was out of work for over 4 years and we are still playing catchup with the pennies. If you wanted to discover that side of the county a little more you could not stay anywhere better. It is really lovely and clean and spotless they do short stays out of season. The site is based in a very peaceful valley which deer cross on a regular basis and they have also won the Professor David Bellamy award 12 times for conservation. We never want to leave when we have been there. Just type in st tinney farm to locate the website which is quite extensive. It is a family run site so a quiet one.

    Tricia aka Pattypan x


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