Sunday, 1 May 2016

Naer cast a clowt till Mae is Out and it be Mae Day today

The country saying for not divesting of winter clothing until its the Month of Mae or the Mae blossom be out.  There is some controversy as to whether it is the month of Mae or when the Mae blossom is out but I am happy to report today on May Day there is Mae blossom (Hawthorn) out in the hedgerows,  so both requirements are met.  So much so I am thinking of wine making, but that's for another day.  I have plenty on my plate as it is.

We have sorted the unit and started to put some of the stuff from the house into the Unit as well.  OH is shattered and so we have stopped for the day.  I am each evening to sort a load of stuff out for OH to take to the unit and unload before he comes and picks me up so that we get it shifted during the week as well (no doubt we will be at it next weekend).  So a lot on the go; the house is being decluttered - okay the bulk of the stuff is in storage but as I have explained before its for the forever house.  Some of it needs sorting but the majority is required as it has been bought specifically for a set theme or target along the way.

I need to get straight in the house after this massive sort out which is still ongoing.  Hopefully it will free up some energies and enable me to be able to get on with the things I have had in mind for quite some time and give me the space to do it.  Hopefully I will then be able to achieve my end goal which is a home of my own.  How to achieve that though is still very  much a work in progress and hopefully will develop organically and be better for me in the long run. Everything happens for a reason and happens when the timing is right  - I am a great believer in that.

Then again though when there are obstacles or someone says "No" I have never been one to totally give up on things; if you cannot achieve it one way then maybe I can do it in a different way.  I am determined to achieve  my own home as soon as I can.  Once it is your own you can put your own stamp on things and it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg or be brand new.   That I am finding out by frequenting Ebay.   I am particularly fond of traditional chunky furniture  - especially in pine as it mixes in with so many other different styles and is so forgiving.  But saying that I like traditional dark oak as well.  Has to be proper wood for me.

OH has never owned his own home whereas I have and much as this rented home has given us a home and shelter over the past 28 years - I live here but its not really my forever home.   I actually like doing things up and adding my own mark to making that home extra special. 

I have bought a couple of unfinished projects off of Ebay the elegant tablecloth and recently a cross stitch rose picture which has been partially stitched very beautifully and neatly and also the poppy tablecloth.  So along with my UFOs I have an awful lot of crafting to do.  However I love beautiful things and a lot of love and work has gone into these pieces and I am looking forward to seeing them finished.  Hopefully this major declutter will mean that I can get on with my new projects as well as my UFOs  quickly and mean that I can get them finished.  I also intend to trace the outline of the transfers on the cloths so that I can use them again on another project or in a slightly different way.  I have a folder of transfers that I was given from my mum's friend which I need to sort through which I think are going to be very useful and I also collected a part work called Embroidery Magic which has lots of templates in.

Right must get a wriggle on have some boxes to sort and then load the car for OH to deliver to the unit tomorrow.  I am having a day out with a couple of girlfriends down at Stanstead College.

I am hoping to get back a little later on but no promises. 

Catch you later.



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