Saturday, 28 May 2016

Saturday Round Up

Well its certainly been a better afternoon and really warm.

After getting back from the farm I nipped along to the Local charity shop and it was slim pickings this week apart from three mens cotton shirts the fabric of which is destined for the patchwork pile with the smaller scraps going into a mixed bag towards a hand pieced quilt.  I spotted on ebay an unfinished quilt which seemed to be worked in diamonds in effect a star worked in two different fabrics interspersed with cream which looked very attractive and I thought would be a good way of using up smaller scraps of fabric.  Unfortunately I did not win that bid with the quilt going for about £72 in the end.

However I was quite taken with that particular quilt and I liked the look of it.  A lot of work had gone into it.  I have lots of scraps to use up and I thought it would be therapeutic to do something by hand rather than just relying on the sewing machine all the time. What appeals is that  I would be able to produce something no matter how little time I had.  I have already ordered cream cotton for the backing - so I am gathering things together in anticipation and starting to sort the colours into boxes so that I can easily find them.  The quilt on Ebay was multi coloured.

After the charity shop I went to the veg shop and picked up some bits and bobs for use during the week including some apples, courgettes, tomatoes, some strawberries, peppers, pears and some squash and rhubarb.  We still had quite a few veggies in that need using so I have really only bought bits and bobs this week.

I then nipped to the Co-Op and managed to get some reduced raspberries and some lemons.  I have some white chocolate that needs using up and so I thought I might make some raspberry and white chocolate cookies.  Will probably make them tomorrow.

I did not get a lay in this morning as we were out of the house just gone 8am to go to the farm to miss the holiday crowds as much as possible.  I therefore started dropping off mid afternoon and in the end went and had a couple of hours kip which is unusual for me.  was not quite sure if I had done the right thing or not as felt blooming awful when I did wake but have come round a bit now  - probably will not sleep properly later.

Right still have things to do I hope you are all enjoying your bank holiday weekend as I said in an earlier post I wish I was down in Cornwall for the week but can't always have everything we want it does not do us any goo.  the weather has been surprisingly good here.

Catch you later.



  1. After our thunder, lightening and cloudburst yesterday we have had bright sunshine and heat today. I thought about the coast and them remembered Bank Holiday. I did go to Cardigan to see the kiddies and the traffic on the way back was horrendous, luckily it was going in the opposite direction.

  2. Hi Pam - am sorry you have had storms with lightning and thunder. I am terrified of both but glad you had time with the kiddies. Hope you are keeping well.

    Tricia x


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