Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Seed sowing

One of the first things I was taught how to grow was beans runner beans to be precise.  A school project at junior school where each pupil grew a bean in a jam jar on blotting paper  and studied and drew it and watched it grow and learned the simplicities and beauty of new life. I am not sure if they still do that but it would be a good one to teach the youngsters and give an appreciation of how things grow and how to grow them.   I still damp my bean seeds in this way as I was taught as a nipper.  they are on the window sill in the kitchen and these will get sown tonight and then placed in the mini greenhouse. 

I also have sweet pea seeds a variety called Old fashioned soaking in the same way and as there are a couple of packets I decided that these would have to be popped into the compost this evening also. 

This morning I have sown mustard and cress (always nice with egg mayonnaise sandwiches), a couple of trays of mixed salad leaves and some nasturtiums. They always add a splash of colour to the garden. The seed pods can be pickled like a pea and the flowers and leaves can be used in salad dressings.  They can be cooked tempura style i.e. battered and eaten whole as can courgette flowers.

I have sown also some yellow and green courgettes but my absolute favourites are yellow they are delicious eaten raw.  I have a couple of different varieties. I have in previous years planted these up into individual pots and they have produced quite a lot of veggies.

Hopefully once I have the compost sorted at the weekend I will be able to plant my troughs up with beetroot, spinach, spring onions, carrots, pea shoots and more lettuce.

I have loads of seeds to choose from trouble is cannot remember quite what I have.  I have a list somewhere.

I already have two strawberry hangers which I have managed to keep from last year although I hope to go to the market and see what they have there.  Two small cone shaped trees to plant up into larger planters and a couple of fruit bushes a bramble and a tayberry which need repotting too.  So loads to do.  I quite enjoy getting my hands into soil.

I also have a load of bulbs to plant up, dahlias, freesias and gladioli.

I am labelling everything up with lollipop sticks procured from the pound shop so I know what I have sown.  It gets quite interesting otherwise.

When I get home tonight I shall also sort out some of the herb seeds and get some pots of those started too as well as have a good rootle through the seed packets to sort out some more seeds to sow.  Its very calming and therapeutic gardening especially first thing in the morning.

Catch you later.



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