Saturday, 21 May 2016


If there is a wrong way to do things I usually find them although on this particular occasion things were not totally down to me.  On Monday we had the day off as I had several things to do in-between doing some tidying up in the house and getting stuff down to the unit.  I asked OH to do some tidying of some items I had not got to and so he duly obliged.  What I had not appreciated was that he had bungled things into a couple of bin liners and had not sorted them out had just bunged everything in.

It came to be me going back to work on Tuesday morning, I was all organised had got everything together had a nice quiet breakfast.  Came to put my shoes on - nowhere to be found. One of each different pair of shoes yes but not a complete pair. I had about five pairs that I could have worn but could I find them could I heck and to make matters worse I just did not have a clue what he had done with them.  I did try and look but fast rang out of time before I was due at work.  I did however find my sheepskin slippers which at first sight look like a pair of uggs minus the heel so I bunged them on and walked to work as there just was no reason for me to take time off work!

I subsequently went to lunch and whilst I was at lunch my work colleagues (full of giggles at me walking in to town in them as I had some stuff to deal with in town) innocently relayed this to my immediate Manager and when I returned a quiet word was had - however she could not really tell me off as she was in fits of giggles also.  However I was told to hurry through reception just in case the clients saw me as slippers were not the professional image we like to portray!  The girls were in fits of laughter over me but as I indicated I had made every effort to get into work and was not letting anything stop me!

To add insult to injury come 6:00pm OH came to fetch me and he was laughing by the time that I got to the car as he had clocked my slippers.  Lets just say he got GBH of the earhole on the way home. 

I eventually located the missing shoes in the bin bags not paired together - but at least I located them.  I think when it comes to tidying my OH has a mental block - we women automatically sort things out as we go along unfortunately OH does not seem to subscribe to this.

Needless to say I gave everyone at work a good laugh and it has now gone down in the annals of our particular office as "Slippergate".  I think it may be a while before I live this one down.

Has anything different or daft happened to you this week or is it just me that things seem to happen to!




  1. Oh that is so funny! But fortunately, unlike some woman, you were not made to go home and change into heels (or in her case, be sent home because she refused to go out and buy heels.)
    Margaret P

    1. Hi Margaret

      I think under normal circumstances that would have happened but it was dinner time by the time she clocked me it was the lesser of two evils and I was needed for typing as it was a bit hectic. I think she took the view better me be there and working never mind the aesthetics but she did check I had my boots on the next morning! because of the epilepsy I do not drive and I walk into work which is a good mile away from where I live - and I had shown willing!

      Take care xx

  2. My son once got me into a tizzy one morning over his missing swimming kit and when I got out of the car to go into work I'd got one high heeled shoe on and one low heeled - I hadn't noticed with the rush to get everyone out of the house and off to school and work - so I went into work that day looking like I walked with a limp! The story about me going into work in odd shoes stayed with me for the next 25 years and my housing director even managed to include this story in his retirement speech at my leaving party! So Patty be warned you're going into work in slippers will be remembered for years and referred to at your retirement do! Xxx

    1. Hi Trudie I had kind of worked that out already I have been getting a lot of gentle stick all week. glad to hear I am in fantastic company though. Have been with my current firm 19 years! Well at least it gave them a giggle! Hope you are keeping well. Pattypan xx


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