Saturday, 28 May 2016

So far today..

This morning started off overcast and the more we ventured out into the fen the greyer and more overcast it became; it was also chilly but OH thought it was more heat haze than anything else as at 8:20am it was about 11 degrees - warmer than it has been and it would appear to have been correct.  It has since warmed up a lot although still a little chilly at times.

We have been to the Farm shop at Old Hurst but first of all we had a very leisurely breakfast with my step-son and his fiancée in their café/restaurant.  Very lovely it was too.  Unusually I plumped for a proper breakfast too today and I really enjoyed it and it was just about the right size for me as I do not have a big appetite at the best of times. Not often am I in the mood for a fry up.  The piece de resistance for me though was the steaming mug of coffee.  They do really lovely proper coffee here to die for; so I indulged and have paid for it since - but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.  Coffee is a really big thing for me - my system does not tolerate it but I absolutely adore it.

We then proceeded into the farm shop itself. I have come away with a big bundle of fresh asparagus (yum - this is something I actively seek out at this time of year like the Jersey royal potatoes) so I am looking forward to using that.  I have also come away with some leeks and some little gem lettuces.  Meat products we have some Black Fen sausages which were made for me whilst I continued shopping, a couple of Barnsley (double) Lamb chops, four Dexter sirloin steaks which are on the menu for tonight's tea with some of the asparagus, Old English sausages, green back bacon which is absolutely gorgeous.

Cooked meats we bought ham, roast beef and roast turkey.  cheese we bought Cambridge blue (a blue cheese - think of a cream cheese and stilton but a smoothed out version that keeps giving - and that is Cambridge Blue absolutely divine; and some Red devil (this has chillies in it), two small pies, a cherry pie and a blackberry and apple, bread a tiger loaf (unsliced) and some crispy buns.

So we are well set up to eat well over the next few days or so.

I also had a good mosey around their freezers.  The produce they sell is extremely good but can be a bit pricey and so I am looking into doing some bits and bobs myself for the freezer.  More on this to come but it has given me a lot of food for thought and lots of ideas.

Its surprising I quite often see something elsewhere and come up with my own version that adds to the options food wise for my family.  I always carry a pad with me and a pen - and when I see options quickly scribble them down.  My little book has all sorts of ideas, recipes and options written down and then I work on them when I get back home.  It also has wish lists re the house, food, drink the garden etc.  This also relates to using up bits and bobs of food and turning them into something edible so that you get the most out of your pennies rather than wasting stuff which I cannot abide.

Anyway that will have to do for now - its lovely out and I think I am going to attack the herb border again and get that sorted out a bit more.

Enjoy your afternoon.



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