Tuesday, 17 May 2016

What Have I been up to

Quite a lot but little to show for it.  I am still trying to sort out all the clutter going back some 28 years or more as well as trying to sort out the bits from my mum's.  Some is already in storage and the other is slowly being processed - its slow going as I am having to check everything but hopefully I will get to the end of it eventually.  It needs doing one way or the other whatever comes in the future.  There are things I want to do and I need to free up the space we do have here to enable me to do them.  I need the new things to come into my life instead of feeling "Stuck". 

I need to grow, mentally, spiritually individually. 

The idea is if I can free the back bedroom up I can turn it into a craft room/reading room/therapy room.  It is a large room and so would be ideal.  Especially if I can get hold of a couple of large computer desks that can be used as craft/cutting/sewing machine tables.  If I manage to do that might also be able to get some shelving up so that all my craft magazines can be stored properly at last.  I have a lot of beautiful magazines with cross stitch, embroidery, patchwork etc. which I have saved over the years and it will be good to have them altogether as I had always planned in magazine holders so I can find things. There is also a large stash of fabrics both clothing and upholstery fabric as well as other craft items.  At the moment I am thinking a very large fitted wardrobe style unit with shelving rather than rails. It would be good to be able to find things easily again. 

I can also set up my Reiki couch/table in situ.  However for doing housecalls I do need a more lightweight portable table as I struggle with the one I have - its alright in the one space but is a nice sturdy one so heavy.

Well that's the plan; it will probably change a bit but have a lot to do.  Its checking the boxes again this weekend and getting those that I can down to the storage unit.

Its gone a bit black over Bill's mothers so think we may have some rain.  Temperature has also dipped although it is reasonably warm in the house at the moment with no heating on.

Right must get a wriggle on lots to do just the depth that varies.

Catch you soon.




  1. sort out the belongings of a loved one is never easy, our attic was full to bursting with belongings from my parents, when moving it had to go, I called my sister over we spent a day going through it all, I kept a small pile my sister had some things we sent some to other family members the rest went to charities shops I was determined it was not coming with me, I shed a few tears but now I am relived we did it.

  2. Hi Dawn

    It has not been easy for either my brother or I. I purposely did not take much from Mum's but what I do have is enough - its the thing with strong memories that I have kept. We have an attic but OH is not good with heights so rarely goes up so storage is limited up there; no garage and no shed so where most people have these storage areas we have to at present keep what we have in the house - which is not good. We have already done the charity shops. My real sort out will come when I achieve my forever home. when I had the children at home as I did not spend much on myself I started collecting the odd nice bit - all of it new and I am loathe to get rid of that sort of thing. everything has been collected with a theme or a purpose in mind and it all blends together. Just now have to achieve the bricks and mortar and then the real clear out will happen. It doesn't help that I do a lot of crafts and have a massive stash of materials books and consumables to add to the confusion. Will get there one day. Hope you are keeping well.

    tricia xx


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