Saturday, 25 June 2016

A little bread and cheese

OH has has a very large pork chop for his tea.  Thick and large served simply with some baked beans.

I on the other hand have had a little bread and cheese.   No ordinary cheese mind but a crotin of goats cheese popped onto toasted French baguette and then dressed with French dressing (although I used a dash of cider vinegar) with fresh mixed herbs out of the garden and a little side salad - not much just a little.  It tasted fresh and wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Sometimes you have to have a little of what you fancy.  He fancied Pork chop I didn't; but equally he would have turned his nose up at my bread and cheese.  It made a lovely light change as I had not really wanted anything substantial especially after the breakfast I had this morning.

I have also bought a couple of round deep dishes ideal for a pudding or pie from the charity shop together with six little stoneware soup bowls which go with some I already have.  That now makes 11 of them; just one more to find and I have a nice set.  I also found three little green glass, glasses.  So just a few little things.  I love matching things up to complete little sets.

We have had a couple of little storms where the rain has lashed down this afternoon into the evening.  I said earlier that if felt stormy.

I have the dishwasher on the go at the moment with a cleaner in it to give it a good sort out.  Once that one is out the way with I will run some cleaner through the washing machine as well and then the housework begins again.

I have gooseberries to make jam and I managed to get a few sprays of elderflowers to go in to make elderflower and gooseberry jam which are in the jam pan as we speak and which needs my attention.

Hope you have had a lovely evening.

Catch you soon.



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