Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Catch up on Sunday

Sorry this post should have been lodged on Monday but real life got in the way!

Dinner was delicious.  It was the end piece of silverside the pointy end and it only cost me £10 which I was quite chuffed with price wise but it was oh so full of flavour.  It was an ideal size for the two of us plus some sandwiches as well.  I was well happy as I have said before I would rather pay a little more for good quality meat that has the flavour and not have so much in quantity but it was a win win on this one.  I shall certainly look at other joints there as well.  We have for the best part chosen to look at the smaller cuts which make a meal.

As I was out yesterday I got my hair washed before I went out but it does have a mind of its own its a bit wild and wonderful and for a day or so it goes flyaway and you cannot do anything with it and that's with a serum on for anti frizz.  For work I tend to wear my hair up in a clip as I have earphones, a computerised door fob, my glasses, and headband to contend with and sometimes I get into a right mess. (what's new - its just the depth that varies).

I have quite a bit of fruit to process as well into jams, pickles and chutneys so I think I am going to have my work cut out this week.

Catch you later.


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