Monday, 6 June 2016

Collecting things on a theme

I am a bit of a collector I always have been and I suppose I always will be.  I cannot be minimalist if I try and I like to be surrounded with things that might not mean a lot to other people but they do to me. My home is my comfort zone my nest. 

I like to manage things into sets and if they cannot be true sets into complimentary items that can be used with each other.  At the moment I am collecting items relating to the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady which came out in the 1970s.  I bought a few pieces then. I have the beautiful book itself and the companion book about Edith Holden's life and have collected the odd bit and bobs over the years and indeed the little cushion that I featured in an earlier post was originally a DMC kit.  I have one to work still but I wanted it for a wall picture and when I saw this little cushion already beautifully worked up I could not resist.  I also have its counter part kit of the foxglove cushion and a couple of other small kits.  I have also purchased new bedding (honeysuckle and rose design) and have come across some vintage brand new Vymura wall paper with which to decorate my bedroom with. As you will probably have guessed that it is to be on the same theme.  I have most of the craft books and little kits as well.

When the shop Past Times was still going they had a few pieces on this theme one of which was a china piece depicting the bird on the cover of the book so I have that somewhere in one of the boxes to bring out too.  I like to collect pieces together on a theme and then use them.  This  month it is the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady the next it might be something else.

When I used to go to the car boot sales with my sister in law I came across a dinner service the Noritake one a six piece place setting for £13 and I also came across the full Caverswell monthly wall plates as well for £10.  So I have been lucky over the years.  I have my eye on the flower plates next.

Do you collect things and blend them together?  If so what sort of things do you collect.  Would love to hear from you.

Catch you later.




  1. It is lovely to collect things and satisfies a deep magpie need in us all, I think. I collect books, they are my one weakness, but as I inherited all my mother's possessions, and already had a house filled with paintings and ceramics, I don't actually collect anything other than books these days. But of course, there is my vast magazine collection as I rarely part with any of my glossy monthly magazines (Homes & Antiques, The English Home, etc). I have never liked the women's weekly rags, sorry mags. They are declasse and are filled with romance, recipes and royals, but they are for a certain market. Even as child in my parents' newsagent's shop I persuaded my parents to allow me to have my own copies of Ideal home and Homes & Gardens when I was but eight or nine! Even then I had sussed the magazine wheat from the magazine chaff. I would rather fill my home with flowers and books than buy knick-knacks, but each to his or her own, eh?
    I also love the Edith Holden book. My mother's maiden name was Holden and I have a photo of myself aged about nine when I looked remarkably like the young Edith, but I don't think there is a family connection, my mothers' family coming from Scotland and Lancashire.
    Margaret P

    1. Hi Galant for me a lot is in the actual collecting and matching things up and making a larger set. We have a reasonable size family and one of my aims is to have the family together for a Christmas celebration just like my Nan used to do when I was younger. My father's side of the family is scattered and not many of them left. Mum was one of ten and I have lots and lots of Uncles (no maternal aunts left) just aunts by marriage and we all enjoy a good knees up. Another dream most likely but it would be something that I would like to do if I can. My Nan used to pack her cottage when I was a child which was only tiny and there would be as many as 20 sit down for Christmas dinner in the dining room and the kitchen but it was a happy time with good food and good company. My collecting has tailed off to what it was but there are still some things I am still adding to. Hones and Gardens and Idea home are lovely magazines. One of my favourites is Country Living and I also like Landscape and Land Love magazines. I have most of my craft magazines going back a bood 20 years and I am hoping once the back bedroom is clear that I will be able to get them all sorted. I would not be surprised if there is a link with the surname Holden. Our ancestors travelled around a lot more than we give them credit for. Hope you are keeping well. Pattypan xx

  2. Just books - too many, some may say! and especially since we moved to this small bungalow where they are mostly in boxes under the bed

    1. Hi Sue, I am afraid I am guilty on the book front too. To make matters worse I keep all my craft magazines as well which need sorting out. Hopefully when I get the back bedroom clear I will be able to get some shelving up and some magazine racks so that I can actually find all my patterns and instructions. Books are my friends and I use them prolifically. I guess it must be the same for you too. I am not struck on Kindles not tactile enough. Hope you are okay and that Col is getting there. Hugs to you both. Tricia (aka Pattypan) xx


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