Friday, 10 June 2016

Friday evening catch up

Well I went to Wilkinsons again at dinner and bought some more cloche covers for my seed trays and two more covers for my mini greenhouse so that I can seriously get going on the seed front.  So am well chuffed that I completed my mission.

I also want to try and get veggies going for during the winter months so that we have fresh veg during the colder months.  These to be used alongside any seasonal veggies frozen by myself to eat out of season.  This is as much for myself as for the OH who is diabetic and also has high blood pressure and arythmia. So I use very little salt in cooking.  I on the other hand have been told categorically to help myself that I should cook fresh or at least prepare fresh myself and then freeze it down.  Most pre-prepared meals have too many additions which block up the body's system and the result is your body does not get as much goodness out of the meal as it would when you are cooking from scratch.

Its time to start rock n rolling on the preserving front and making the most of what comes my way and whatever I can do for myself.  There is so much to do and take advantage of if you know what to look for and how to prepare it.  Simple things that make a difference to your table and the way that you and your family subsist.  A lot of the things I prepare are better home made and you get more for your money.  Which is one of the other reasons I do what I do.

I was pleased to get home tonight.  Its been a very busy week and I am shattered.  With it being muggy does not help and as a result I have not done too much this evening.  I have tried to reply to comments left during the week and some of the more substantive ones I will reply to under a separate post/(s) to give you more insight about how and what I do and why I do what I do.

I have checked on my seeds again tonight.  The mixed lettuce tub seedlings are really starting to sprout now which I am pleased about.  It is going to be lovely picking my own salad out of the garden and picking it at optimum time without wasting any although I do have some ideas on that front.  I am hoping to get some more set tomorrow after I return from my jaunt with friends.

So a relatively quiet night not really doing much although I have started watching a new series called Dicte about a Journalist.  It is foreign and all subtitles but so far it has been excellent and the story lines are very strong.  Usually on about 9:00pm on Channel 4.  Next one next Friday.

Right I must gather things together for tomorrow.

Catch you soon.




  1. Little and often is the secret to salad sowing, a pinch of lettuce seed scattered over a small pot of damp compost every 7 days will give plenty of seedlings to pot on. Cooking from scratch is always best, most prepacked meals are very high in salt and sugar and just about all have various additives to stop the sauce/gravy from separating. I have covered my raised beds with net curtains from the CS dyed green with nettle juice, it was a bit smelly but for £1 I have covered 3 large beds to shade from the sun and prevent the birds from stripping them.

    1. The lettuce is coming up well as are the Artichokes and Pattypan squash. I love cooking anyway and prefer to cook from scratch and love it when I have fresh herbs in the garden to give that extra zing. I knew about putting old netsover the garden but ingenious dying them green. Like it. Was hoping to do more seed tonight but we have had torrential rain on and off all day so will have to dry off a little first. Hope you are keeping well.

      Pattypan xx


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