Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Good Morning

Its a bit brighter here this morning although it has done nothing but rain rain rain.  There was a gathering of Magpies and Pigeons on the fence first thing all scuffling for drying out space on the top of the fence taking an opportunity of drying out their feathers.  I do not think that they are too impressed at the moment.

I am glad that I went to bed early last night it has helped with the pain control and I think I have caught up on my sleep. I feel better for listening to my body.  Well I did do an awful lot of walking again yesterday.

The strawberry jam has come up well and I have five jars (I managed to knock one over and break it).  The Elderflower cordial gets bottled tonight in my  pasteuriser. I need to liberate my bottles from the store cupboard later on and then start the process. I pasteurise or heat process to prolong the life of the cordial.  It is just basically heating up and taking out the air from the bottles.  It is the air that does the damage.

Because I was uncomfortable last night I opted for a light tea.  We had some plaice fillets served with home made chunky chips, mushy peas and bread and butter which went down very nicely.

Tonight we either have chicken stir fry or Cornish pasties with veggies.  I think it will be the stir fry to use up all the odds and ends.

Right I had better get a wriggle on.  Catch you soon.



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