Friday, 10 June 2016

I found them

The keys that is phew.  So relieved they had fallen down behind something which was why I could not find them.  I had even been to the shop to see if any had been handed in there. SO so relieved Phew!

I am under the auspices of the Management at the moment.  She is camped out on the day bed in the computer room casting an eye on things.  I think she is secretly hopeful that I will give her a few more strips.  She is very fond of these.  Unusually Missy is not a greedy dog and will only eat when she is hungry.  If you give her the strips when she is not hungry she buries them; so a bit of the squirrelling instinct with her too.

Last night I managed to potter in the garden for an hour or two.  It was peaceful and relaxing and I got some more seed sown.

On the seed front I have artichoke, cucumber, pumpkin, green courgette, yellow courgette, marrow, scarlet emperor runner beans, pattypan squash, mixed lettuce, borage, nasturtiums, chilli pepper (de cayenne hot), physalis cape gooseberry, sweet peas, melon seeds in situ. I have four tomato plants but do not know which variety as I was given these, I have them in one of my small growing houses. I have another two to get on the way and I am hopeful of getting more seed planted this weekend. The mixed lettuce leaves I have sown in a deep tub and the are romping along. The others are starting to grow but have not hit through the surface yet. 

I also need more compost as I am going to do some tubs with sprouting peas in and also spinach as well as some other plants to pot up which I am hopeful to get done this evening weather permitting.

I am also hoping to do a little digging in the main garden and probably get some beetroot, carrots, and other goodies on the go in due course.  It would be nice to pickle or make chutney from my own home grown beetroot.  Hopefully next year I will be more organised and will get the ground properly winter dug ready for next year!

I have slept heavy again last night and I really want to be hugging my bed.  Unfortunately no chance of a proper lay in this weekend as I am out tomorrow and on Sunday. Oh well you have to take the rough with the smooth.

But at least I have my keys and I keep double-checking just to make absolutely sure.

Catch you later



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