Wednesday, 8 June 2016

I think there may be another storm brewing

Its been a lot cooler this evening but I think there may be a storm brewing again.  We keep getting a lot of disturbance on the satellite where the programme is pixellating and cutting off so something is circling.  It was a spectacular sight last night.  Missy does not seem to be settling either.  Oh well I shall just bury my head under the covers again.  Keep safe and dry.




  1. We've missed all the storms over here in Suffolk, or I suppose I should say the storms have missed us!

    1. Hi Sue

      We had a right humdinger of a storm the other night - I do not like them at the best of times so I buried myself under a sheet and hid. Its illogical but I just do not like them. I think you have been lucky in missing them. We had torrential rain as well. Hope you are okay and that things are going well for Col. Take care. Pattypan x

  2. It is cooler here in Torbay today, the mist has rolled in from the sea, keeping the sky grey - I need cords today, not linen trousers, and shoes not sandals. We do need some rain though, for the garden (and always to replenish the reservoirs, of course.)
    Margaret P

    1. Hi Margaret, I did not realise you were in Torbay. How lovely to be on the coast though. There is something so wonderful about the light and the scenery down your way. We always need the water. Take care.

      Pattypan x


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