Thursday, 30 June 2016

New Preserving books

Yesterday lunch time it poured it down with rain so everyone headed for the main shopping centre in town whilst the deluge carried on outside.  I ended up popping into Lakeland for a mooch around which is dangerous and quite simply I came away with three books.

The first one: How to Pickle has a lot of spiced and fruit vinegars in, such as orange and rosemary, tarragon, raspberry, chilli and garlic and a good all round pickling vinegar to add to pickled onions, chutneys etc. There is also a recipe for pickled oriental quinces which sounds intriguing as well as the usual suspects pickled cabbage and pickled shallots and pickled peppers with garlic and dill as well as salsa recipes and fresh relish recipes.  A nice little book with some very different recipes in.

The second one: How to Preserve.  Another really lovely little book covering Jams and Jellies, a lot of lovely slightly different jam recipes here.  Fruit Curds; the one that is catching my eye at the moment is Passion fruit and Clementine curd -sounds scrummy; Raspberry and Redcurrant curd, Apricot and Armagnac curd, Seville orange curd.  There is also a section on Marmalade and Fruit Cheeses and finally low sugar jams and bottling techniques including bottled apricots with bourbon vanilla and bottled berries.  I think I will be having a go at these latter two as they will provide a tasty pudding or two in the winter months.

Latterly but not least a book by the well know cookery writer Catherine Atkinson this lovely little tome on Nut Milks and Nut butters  Its a lovely hands on book with a whole range of recipes for making your own nut and seed butters and milks and recipes on how to use them.  There are some seriously lovely recipes in here.  However clear instructions on how to make Tahini - which I love; how to make your own chocolate and hazelnut spread  - lush, different flours from nuts, chestnut butter, cashew nut butter which is also seriously lush.

I think these three little books are going to get a lot of mileage.  Nuts are good for you specifically in respect of vitamins and I use them a lot.  Recently I have been buying them from Lidl as they have worked out as being a lot cheaper but also of excellent quality.

Right must get a wriggle on.

Catch you later


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