Sunday, 5 June 2016

Pork Pie

For sometime now I have felt that if I am stuck and not growing - nothing specific but just had this feeling as though I a peddling like the dozen just to keep us where we are and ultimately just feeling as though I am going round and round in circles. Time is at a premium probably because I am working extra so that I have time in lieu to attend the back class which I know that when she is happy with me the physio is going to refer me to, which involves me working 2 1/2 hours most weeks to make up the potential time I am going to be away from the office when the back class starts.  This ultimately means that I am losing a good 3/4 hour at night when I would normally get the tea on earlier and it is now later when we eat.

Anyways I have booked myself on to a course to learn about something I am interested in.  I have discovered over the years that I am a visual learner and retain information so much the better for being shown things I always have and probably always will be a hands on sort of girl.  When I was at the butchers the other week I saw that they had an advert in the shop for a Pork Pie making class.  I followed it up by the link on their website

I followed it up on the forthcoming events schedule as directed after clicking on the pork pie and nothing happened the link for some unknown reason did not link.  In any event I contacted the farm by email and this morning received an email back giving me information about the classes. Apparently there are two one at 6:00pm and the other 6:45pm and there are still some spaces left if you are interested.  The classes are being held at Willowbrook Farm in the Granary tearoom kitchens on 17 June 2016. The cost is £20 for the class; £10 deposit. 

So  this afternoon I have telephoned the farm and booked myself on the 6:45pm class for that evening a paying over the phone and am hoping that this class will help me produce home made pork pies that the OH will like as really and truly we have found pies that are close to what we like but are still not quite there. All I can do is try and the spin off from doing a class is that you come back more armed with information and more inspired and buzzing and wanting to play;  I am really looking forward to this and it might help in the grand scheme of things with the sorts of things I want to have a go at but err on the side of caution because I don't really know what I am doing.  I am specifically talking about salami and sausage making and I would quite like to have a go at curing my own ham.  I wonder if they would run a class/classes on that.  Now that I would be interested in.

Its a hot old afternoon OH is in siesta mode with Missy tucked up beside him.  I have come in to cool down as it is too hot.  I have all the pots out of the car and am starting to create some semblance of order to the herb bed.  I have some seeds to plant and I am getting the planters slowly sorted.  I do not expect to achieve a lot on the produce side this year but next year I intend things to be very different.

Right am off to potter again catch you all later hope you are all having a fantastic Sunday.



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