Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Preserving 2016 Jam, Jam and Jam

I am starting with some home made rhubarb jam, some rhubarb and strawberry jam and some crushed strawberry jam.

First off I am making some rhubarb jam - I came across some rhubarb at the weekend quite cheaply. As I need to re-stock the pantry shelves I am therefore taking advantage of the seasonal goodies that come my way to put down useful ingredients for the new season's store cupboard. 

Hopefully for next year I will be harvesting my own rhubarb as I have planted up some crowns in pots for the time being to keep the plants alive and they will be transplanted as soon as the ground is cleared.  I also intend to get some more rhubarb and make some rhubarb cordial/syrup too.

Second, as I have more than 1kg of rhubarb I decided that rather than waste what little was left I would combine it with strawberries so that we end up with a slight variation on normal rhubarb jam and get a different take using the ingredients to hand.

Fortunately I also came across a bargain with some strawberries; and

Thirdly I managed to get enough of them so that I can make some crushed strawberry jam.

I had hoped to start making the jam last night but could not find the jam paddle to my machine (which has since been located) so I intend to start these jams tonight.  It will be very useful on the baking front as a filling for a sandwich cake or maids of honour, coconut cheesecakes or school boys earholes, pasties and if heated through gently as a warm sauce for ice cream.  With pancakes, with hot buttered toast with slatherings of home made jam also features strongly and also with semolina pudding or rice pudding and of course with fresh jam and cream scones.  Yummy.  All recipes that can be made at home quite cheaply and yet help feed the family well and keep the wolf from the door.

Well that's a good start to this year's preserving.  Have you started yet and if so what have you made.

Catch you soon.



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