Monday, 6 June 2016

Results of the xrays

Well I have had the results of my x-rays.  I knew there was a problem I think that the Doctor was a little surprised.  I have arthritis in my feet but I also have deformed joints on my big toes the right hand foot being the worst of the two.  I am being referred to the Hospital to see a Consultant at long last to see what he has to say but I have been more or less told by the physio that she cannot do anything with my feet until the bunions are sorted so it looks as though I may be destined for surgery at some point.  I want my feet sorting but I am not so sure I want to go under the knife.  However I know that I need to get my feet sorted so that I can keep walking. The Doctors want me mobile at all costs. Vicious circle really.  Relieved that I am being referred but a bit down as it is yet another thing on the list.  Now must keep positive and give myself a good talking to.  I am so much luckier than a lot of people at least my problems are being dealt with.

We have had a lovely tea this evening a couple of Barnsley double lamb chops served with lashings of mint gravy and mixed veg, asparagus and new potatoes.  Went down very nicely.  Think it will be th Dexter steaks we have left with some chips tomorrow night.

Right I had better get a wriggle on things to do to get read for work tomorrow.  The evenings just seem to be getting away from me at the minute.

I did however get some Scarlet Emperor runner beans and Pattypan squash set tonight.  So a little bit more done.  Hopefully a little more will get done in the morning as well.

Catch you later.




  1. At least you know the state of play now and are on the list for an appointment with the consultant. It will be worth having surgery if it means that your feet are better and that you have more mobility.

  2. Hi Rowan

    I know where I am coming from and I do need surgery the physio cannot do anything with my feet until they are sorted and both joints are deformed the right worse than the left. As long as I can keep mobile that is all that matters although I have been warned that to start with after surgery I will walk like a duck putting the heel down first then the toes. I have been told that I need to keep going at all costs. Just have to wait for the appointment now. I finished with the physio today am now waiting to go to the back class to do more work on the core muscles. Hope you are keeping well. Pattypan xx


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