Sunday, 12 June 2016

Ruby Wedding anniversary

The Rose that I bought my mum and dad for said anniversary and which sadly I cannot move.  Last week there were no flowers on the bush/tree and today there were these.  Its as though they were a surprise gift .They smell wonderful a deep old fashioned Rose scent that you just want to breathe in forever.  I love Roses especially the old fashioned highly scented type.  They are not perfect blooms bit near over the top and rain splattered. I shall dry the petals and try and strike the stems into new bushes with a little root powder in a pot. But at least I have the photo to remember them by.  If I am not successful then I shall look for a replacement bush if I can locate one. 

I wish I could share the scent it is divine.

I have however obtained my Great Aunt's clematis plant and am this evening going to pot that up into one of my Mum's pots.

I have also bought back a couple roots of her mint plant which keeps setting itself, some of the London Pride and some more of the violets. So I have the plants I was after.  Might bring some more next week.

Catch you later.




  1. Pattie, if you take a couple of stems from the rose about 12 inches long. Put a spade into the ground and wiggle it back and forth to make a spilt, put the cuttings in, firm the soil and forget them, with a bit of luch they should root. In 12 months you should be able to put them where you want them to grow, doing 2 or 3 cuttings is insurance in case one does not take.


    1. Thank you for that Anne. I took too short a stem on the flowers picked yesterday.Am back again at the weekend and will take some longer stems. Thank you for that. Hope you and Edwin are okay xx

  2. I dug up my mum and dads rose bush to take with me when we moved, I kept them in a bucket and made sure they were damp at all times, I cut back there foliage and didnt let them flower the first year, they have both survived and now coming into bud.

  3. Dawn thank you. It is well and truly wedged into a border if I take it out it will wreck the border. Its taller than me and full of prickles. My brother had a look at it and it is too firmly wedged in wasn't moving when we tried so it will unfortunately have to stay. However Anne from Sweet Blondie Blue Eyes has given me an idea on what to do but thank you; Hope you are keeping well take care tricia x


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