Saturday, 18 June 2016

Saturday Tea

We are have had Hawaain Chicken for tea tonight together with rice.

The recipe is here if you would like to try it

It comes up slightly different each time I make it as I tend to use the ingredients I already have in the house rather than the exact ingredients.  Take tonight for example, I had no soy sauce, only red pepper and red onion. (The recipe called for a red and green pepper, white onion)  Soy sauce is salty and so  I  used a chicken stock paste, and some brewers yeast paste (from M & S) similar to marmite as a substitute and it came up more or less the same except that the sauce was a brown one instead of very pale.  Still tasted as good.  The bonus is I am using up ingredients that would otherwise go to waste and I hate waste.  If you haven't got peaches then you could use pineapple as it is a sweet and sour.  I forgot to take photos, but this recipe puts in a regular appearance  at my table even on a week night as the other bonus is it is quick to make.  It could quite easily serve four if you serve plain rice and salad with it too.

Right I am going off to tackle the Pork Pie.  Wish me luck.

Catch you later on.

P.S.  Rowan thank you for the mint cutting it arrived  this morning safe and sound I am going to plant it shortly.  Thank you.



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