Saturday, 25 June 2016

Saturday thus far

This morning started off nice and sunny and warm.  We have been to the Johnson's Farm shop at Old Hurst for a stock up on some meat. We met up with my step son and his fiancée for the main reason of the day and that was to breakfast together.  Was really tasty and really good.  And then to the shopping part of the trip.

We have bought two different kind of sausages; he has Old English and I have my Black Fen.  I have bagged them up into twos and we have six bags apiece and they have been segregated so that god forbid he does not get my sausages as he is not keen on them.  I have also split a kilo of Green back bacon into packs of four and with one pack of six.  So that is breakfast or either tea sorted.  We can take our pick.  They are all nicely ensconced in the freezer so that we get the most out of our pennies, together with some 2 rib eye steak, 2 packs x 2 Barnsley chops, some minted lamb steaks, a joint of silverside for dinner tomorrow which will make a nice change, two Buffalo burgers (OH not me) and a very large Pork chop for OH for his tea tonight.

Some bread, (a big traditional cottage loaf) and some buns for OH, some cheese, (goats, brie and Cambridge Blue) a cherry pie, two Belgian buns which were delicious and have been devoured.  I have also bought a big bottle of Stokes tomato ketchup which I like with Mayonnaise and fat chips and a couple of jars of mint jelly.  There are also some very large field mushrooms (yummy), some Asparagus, new potatoes, a cabbage.  I also bought one kilo of goosegogs and am going to make some gooseberry and elderflower jam for the shelf.  I also got some lovely little cherry tomatoes on the vine.  Next year I will have my own and plenty of them.

Right will catch you later.



It has now turned overcast and has been raining; its a bit stormy to say the least, muggy and the air is heavy, very heavy it really does smack of a storm.

I still have things to do so I had better get a wriggle on having stopped for a drink and my bun.  I hope we do not have a storm but I am not holding my breath.

Hopefully will catch you later on.

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