Sunday, 26 June 2016

Sunday Sunday

We have had a lot of rain overnight again and although the sun is out it is still quite damp underfoot.  On the one hand we need the rain but it would be quite nice if it dried up properly in-between.

I think I have laid funny overnight as my neck keeps locking so am having to keep giving it a quick massage to warm up the muscles a little bit and getting things freed off a little bit.

We have just had some buns to eat.  OH had Cambridge Blue in his I had Somerset Brie with redcurrant jelly.  Very nice it was too followed by an egg custard each.  I am off out for a little while shortly so I thought I had better give him something to eat as we are not eating until later.  I have a small joint of silverside to cook and am going to serve home made horseradish sauce from some frozen horseradish ensconced in the freezer together with mixed veggies and home made Yorkshire Puddings. I also have a chicken to cook to have possibly with salads during the week.  I want a quick tea tomorrow evening as I have a lot to accomplish this week.

Well I went out ostensibly to support my friend at Spiratulist Church as she was conducting Divine Service at the Harris Street Spiritualist Church here in Peterborough.  I already knew that I was to do the prayers and had prepared something for each in my own words.  There were not many there but it ended up that I was called into action to share with the readings together with my friend and despite being extremely nervous and a little unprepared things did not go too badly.  Which I am quietly pleased about.

So I am now back on terra firma grounding myself down again we are to have our roast shortly and then I will be pottering getting ready for work tomorrow.

The weather - well we have had a lot of rain again but there have been breaks inbetween the showers which enabled us to walk Missy.  She is now a happy little soul as she has had a cup of tea to which she is ever so slightly partial.

Hope you have a lovely evening.



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