Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The experiment begins

A few posts back I talked about using pectolase to rid little mandarin oranges or clementines of the pith without all the hard work of using a paring knife.  Well this evening I have started the experiment of using this technique to see if it is actually as good as they say it is.

I peeled about 20 little clementines and popped them into a separate bowl. 

Once all prepared I got a bigger bowl and popped some water into the bowl and then dissolved about a teaspoon and a half of pectolase into the water to make the solution.  I then popped them into the bowl.  I have popped a plate on them to submerge them and then cling filmed the bowl and I shall have a look tomorrow night to see whether it has worked or not.  Its worth a try as I managed to get 20 small clementines for £1 the bag.  I am trying to keep them whole as I thought they would look good on the Christmas table served as a dessert in a Grand Marnier and sugar syrup - bottled and hot water processed of course.

We shall have to see how we go with them.  I can but try.

I also have some Summer fruit jam on the bubble at the moment in my Jam pan.  The fruit was a frozen mixture of blackberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, raspberries and blueberries and is a lovely rich colour.  Just waiting to achieve the set at the moment but it will be lovely on croissants for breakfast.  I love my croissants of a weekend so home made jam will be lovely or spread on a Victoria sponge with fresh cream.  Now in the middle of the winter that would be a taste of summer.

Catch you soon.




I have checked the oranges this morning and the pith seems to be melting away being dissolved by the pectolase so I shall check it when I get home tonight.  Then if it is successful I shall bottle the oranges in a Grand Marnier and sugar syrup.


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