Sunday, 5 June 2016

The sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hooray.

OH has been out into the garden and sprayed the rampant weeds so the animals are housebound for today at least. I don't like spraying but in this particular instant we really have had no choice as the thugs just keep rearing their heads. 

Meanwhile work still continues on the herb border and I have bought some pots back from mums one full of Lily of the valley.  I particularly wanted this planter as I had helped mum pot it up the year before. A friend in the village had bought her some cuttings and so I had prepared the pot and got them in with some titivating from mum. Lily of the valley is my birth flower and apparently the cottage hospital grounds where I was born had swathes of them throughout the grounds and mum had picked a bunch shortly after I was born so there is a remembrance and connection.  We have also had Lily of the valley in all the places we have lived as well.  I will get the London Pride next week.

The other planter has some violets in it.  The original cutting had come from my great grandmother's garden to my granddad's garden and then to ours so yet again there is a remembrance there.  I aim to bring a few more of these next weekend as well.

I am disappointed though that I cannot take the rose tree that I bought for my parents' Ruby wedding anniversary  aptly named Ruby wedding.  My brother has suggested I take a few stems and see if I can root the same.  Does anyone have any experience of what to do with this and could give me some guidance please; it would be appreciated.

Right must get on with finishing the herb border and catch some of the sun.  I have a stone bird bath to come next week as well.

Catch you later.



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