Friday, 17 June 2016

Things to do this weekend in no particular order

  1. Go to Pork Pie Making class and make first pork pie
  2. Eat the evidence
  3. Make Pineapple Jam
  4. Make Pineapple Jelly
  5. Make Marmalade
  6. Preserve oranges for bottling (an experiment) using pectolase
  7. Make Elderflower Champagne
  8. Make Elderflower Wine
  9. Make some Tiger buns
  10. Remove boxes into storage
  11. Dry some Elderflowers
  12. Make some apple juice
  13. Sort herb border and plant herbs
  14. Sow more seeds
  15. Pot on those seeds already through
  16. Cook meals
  17. Washing
  18. Ironing
  19. Housework

Think that will do for starters.

What do you have planned for the weekend.



  1. Nothing much planned, worm goats, worm lambs, sweep chimneys, shear alpacas, remove netting off doves, clean out chickens, clean goat house, day out at the game fair, plant trees just another normal week end like yours :-)

  2. I certainly don't have as much planned as you do :) going on a walk tomorrow with my local archaeology group and I need to do more dead heading in the garden plus washing and ironing. It's Father's Day so I suspect they we'll be seeing two if my three children on Sunday.


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