Saturday, 18 June 2016

Saturday Plans

I slept a little later than intended but now intend to get a wriggle on.  I have had a change of plan in that I am not going to be sorting the back bedroom today and removing stuff to the unit.  That is for tomorrow today I am going to be in the kitchen getting things sorted, some jam made. 

I had hoped to get some more Elderflowers today and it may still be on the cards but after I came home from the Pork Pie making class last night we had torrential rain again and really you need the Elderflowers to be dry before you start working with them. Especially for drying. We will see how things go.  I will go with OH to walk Missy and make my mind up then, armed with my carrier bag and scissors.

Its still very overcast this morning and feels as though it will rain.  The temperature has dropped a little as well.  I also need to raid the freezer to find something for tea.  OH could "eat a scabby donkey" apparently.  This is all down to me having one night off leaving him to his own devices.  I think what he is after is a meat based dish so I will have to have a rummage in the freezer or as I tend to call it "go shopping in the freezer. I also need to do some bread, as well as getting on with some cleaning.  So it looks as though I am going to have my hands full as well as getting on with some of the things from my to do list.

Catch you later.



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