Monday, 20 June 2016

Well the pie hit the spot

I cut the pork pie tonight and its not bad.  OH was impressed.  Even the jelly had gone right.  A nice textured meaty pie with lots of flavour and the pastry was nice and crisp.  So am well chuffed.

It went down very well with a slice of bread and butter and some tomato ketchup.

We have also had chicken stir fry for tea. I cooked the chicken thighs first and then I cooked the mixed stir fry veggies that I had in the freezer and then added a little more fresh veg, onion, some crystallised ginger, and courgette.  I also added a stir fry sauce with extra pineapple to the chicken whilst the rice cooked in the pinger.  Takes 12 minutes and comes out extremely well. 

Now completely stuffed.  Did not manage to take a photo of the plated up food. It looked pretty but here are the veggies and the chicken in preparation.

Looked very colourful and was very tasty.  Bit shattered tonight have not been firing on all pistons today.  Its how the cookie crumbles.  There is plenty of stir fry left - offered it to OH to take to work with him but he is all stir fried out more's the pity.  Knowing him he will change his mind.

Right I have to go shopping in the freezer to find something for tomorrow nights tea.  I quite fancy some fish.  Will have to see what I can find.

Happy solstice to everyone and enjoy tonight's full moon  - apparently a strawberry moon!



Right I had be

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  1. I've never thought of adding crystalized ginger to my stir fries. Will try that (I normally just grate some fresh ginger, when it's not got forgotten and wizened!)

    That pie looks superb. Well done.


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