Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Bin Narked

For a little while now I have had a suspicion that someone else is using our dustbins.  They are kept in the front garden as it is a bit difficult getting them in and out the back garden especially when our access is down a narrow passage.  Once or twice I have been disturbed in the early hours by voices outside or a car pulling up but had thought that it was to do with one of the neighbours in the street.  However my suspicions were first raised the other week when the neighbour asked if we had popped any rubbish in his bin  - which we hadn't.  We have given each other "permission" that if there is room in our bins and the other needs extra space then it is okay to do so; but on this occasion it was most definitely not us.  He was a bit annoyed because he had bagged everything but whoever had deposited the same had just slung it in.  Which is annoying as we both pay out to have our main dustbins cleaned. As a result of that next door and ourselves do not put out dustbins out until first thing in the morning.

OH has gone out to put dustbins out this morning only to be greeted by an extremely full bin liner at the end of the passage - no doubt left there because our bins were full.  So this would seem to prove my suspicions that we have someone using our bins without paying towards the same which am completely narked about - especially as neighbour had not popped his bins out last night although other neighbours up the street had!

I am all for keeping the street tidy but the sheer cheek.  If people asked it would not necessarily be a problem but to just dump - well that is a different thing altogether and lets just say that I am a little narked!

Do you have anything similar in your area!

Catch you later.



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