Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Busy Evening

Its been too hot today and we have been very grateful for the air conditioning at work although at one point we got a little chilly when the system was on full whack but at least we have been comfortable while working for the best part.

I nipped into Lakeland at dinner specifically looking at preserving jars and have found some larger Ball preserving jars 4 for £10.  Will be ideal for peaches and pears and other fruits for puddings.  I also want to bottle some mixed summer and autumn fruits for use as a compote with yogurt for breakfast or use on cheesecakes and pavlova.  I did have a good look round and there are one or two items I would quite like in time.  We shall have to see.

This evening I cooked OH his tea I could not fancy a cooked tea like he had and have had a baked potato with coleslaw instead.  I have also had a glass of cider.  It was nice and cold out of the fridge. 

Since then I have been pottering in the garden I had forgotten about my seedlings which had come up so I have been potting them up together with some rhubarb plants. I have also done some general re-arranging and planting hopefully it will all survive,  My Artichokes and Pattypan squash and some courgettes have all been potted on.  Am out of soil now so will have to get some more next week and do some more potting.  The herb border is a bit of a mess of all the potting and moving on but I shall keep at it and get it all tickety boo again but it is going to take me a couple of evenings.  It has just been so lovely to be outside instead of in an office.  Yet its been warm and I have been hot but I have also been very happy pottering around in my own little space  although it does not look much at th emoment it holds great promise for tomorrow.  It will be no great shakes this year but it is a bit of something better than zilch.

Next year though I am going to make a concerted effort to get everything sorted out and seedlings planted on time  - the greenhouse is going to have to be reclaimed some time this year in readiness for next year that should make all the difference.  I also still have a lot of clearing to do at the bottom of the garden.  I have a lot to do before that though.  A lot of the planting I have done tonight is long term (if it comes up). 

I had thought I had lost my great aunt's clematis which I moved from my mum's but I have noticed tonight that it is sprouting from the bottom which I am so pleased about.

I have also given everything a really good soak all by watering can but the poor plants needed the water.  I will try and give them some more in the morning.  A little planting up to do tomorrow (the compost has been accounted for but I have no spare left) for some pumpkins and pattypan squash.  I may then next week pop some more seeds up.  We will see but really want to get the planters sorted more than anything.

Its a full moon tonight and it is looking beautiful.  I am going to make a cup of tea shortly - I just fancy one and will go and sit out for a little while I love full moons especially when you can see them.  The breeze has got up a little but it is a relatively clear sky and not uncomfortable or chilly.  Then I have to get ready for tomorrow.

Catch you later  and if you can see the full moon go out and have a look it looks beautiful.



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