Thursday, 28 July 2016

Collating Containers

Its been raining here this afternoon just gentle rain - its not cold but it is tipping out a bit.  Demetri is out hiding under the tree. Will not come in silly so and so and he hates the rain.

And me  - well I am a cheap skate where I can be and if I can (excuse the pun) I prefer to recycle jam jars and bottles if at all possible although it is not something that you are always able to do - the intentions are there but sometimes things just do not work out for one reason or another; it might be for a simple reason that you cannot find the right sized lid.  I try and match things up if and when possible and recycle jars - it just costs me a little time and effort.  However some things I buy new from the start depending on getting the right jar for preserve I anticipate making.

This all leads back to me talking about Terrine jars and how I needed some more on my earlier post. I was sorting out the cupboard under the stairs  when I came across another Terrine jar; so that is three that I now have.  I need another three in stock so to speak before I make the Rillettes.  I then shall keep adding a few here and there as I can afford them. 

The reason.  Well I am doing a bit this year but really I am planning for next year in the overall scheme of things  and stockpiling as I go along. Especially in view of the fact that I am going to treat myself to a Canner very shortly so I am going to need as many jars as I can lay my hands on.  Its the initial investment that costs the most  with the jars and the equipment but once that is out of the way its just a matter of the seals.  I really like the Kilner range (which is being added to all the time) but I do have a few (not many) Ball jars.  Kilner have their own Facebook page on

and their own website

This is not a said advertisement for said company just that these sites have so much more useful information on them.

I have also added some clear glass swing top bottles that came from Wilkinsons.  I have in mind to get the Ginger Beer on the go, but the other reason I have gone for these is that they are universal I can use them for home brew and cordials alike.  So there are 12 of them so far - another 12 to get then I can get the Ginger Beer on the go.  I am trying to space things out a bit and then when a certain thing happens like having the 12 bottles that gives me permission to go ahead and make the Ginger Beer.  So there is a method in my madness.

Its the same with the Large Ball canning jars I bought the other day from Lakeland.  I have four of them another two packs of four to obtain.  They are for some bottled tomatoes.  We use a lot of tomatoes and I also want to can some Salsa.

Catch you later.



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