Thursday, 7 July 2016

Good Evening

Its been a funny old day bit humid bit overcast not cold not warm one minute.  Air conditioning has been on and since the last service of the air con the unit has been blowing out and causing stiff necks and sheer coldness on the pod where I sit.  Not just with me with my colleagues too.  I have had my coat on this afternoon because I have been so cold.  They are going to get the Air con people in to have a look at it because no one is happy with the temperature and please excuse the phrase but a "happy medium" is required.  Never mind.  There has been lots of work as well.

As it has been such a busy week I am extremely tired and have been going to bed early but am still shattered.  So much so I could not think what to have for tea tonight. To start with I could not think of anything. Then inspiration hit me.  I was kind of thinking what would my mum or my Nan do.  Mum often used to serve beef burgers this way when we were little and it made a meal out of something or nothing. 

The other evening I bought a pack of 6 beef burgers.  We had them done in buns with salad, fresh onion, fried onion, burger, cheese and ketchup and the were delish.  So I popped the spares in the fridge with the intention of using them up.  I was not going to waste such nice burgers.  So I bought some mixed veg, cooked some fried onions, cooked the burgers, made some mashed potato with butter then made onion gravy with the onions and we had the burgers in onion gravy with mash and veg.  It has gone down very nicely and was very tasty.  My mum used to always cook them this way when we were kids it made for a cheap but reasonably substantial meal. As it did today and gave us something warm and substantial when both of us were tired.  When people think of burgers they think of as in buns but there are other ways to serve things as well.  There is no right way or wrong way - just your way.

Right had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you later.



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