Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Its still way too hot

to be comfortable although saying that I have been going out like a light at night and dead to the world until the alarm goes off just before 6:00am.

Its way too claggy that's a good word isn't it  I wanted to do stuff again but its just too hot. As I left work tonight at 6:20pm (I was 20 minutes later than I normally am) it started raining and we had a magnificent rainbow encompassing the Cathedral.

When its hot like this I tend to go off my food - I am hungry yes but just cannot fancy anything.  It was a bit like that tonight but I have done baked potatoes with grated cheddar and lashings of butter and coleslaw and it has gone down very nicely thank you,  Sometimes simples is the best.

It has been very busy again at work no peace for the wicked - well its better than being bored don't do that very well.

Right am off to potter and do some watering up.  Its still like a furnace outside even though we have had that brief shower.

Right  better get a wriggle on.

Catch you later.

P.S. Missy likes ice cream its official so much so our normal placid dog got aggro with her dad when he went near her ice cream bowl and really warned him off.  The best part is he caught her bowl accidentally.  Once it was gone she calmed down but it really seems to help cool her down a little.


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